Saturday, September 24, 2016

canning luscious pears

took my luscious pears out of the fridge to warm up for canning
.10-5-16 033

even though they werent that big, there were a lot of them
.10-5-16 047

hauled them to moms for canning
.10-5-16 048

slicing and dicing and filling jars
.10-5-16 049

one of the jars cracked in the canner. some of our jars are quite old and do this occasionally.
.10-5-16 050

after we filled all the jars we had left, we cut up the remaining pears and cooked them down for pearsauce
.10-5-16 051

yummy yummy pears
.10-5-16 052

got my state fair blue ribbons in the mail
.10-5-16 053

and the check, i won $30 for winning two first place ribbons
.10-5-16 054

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