Thursday, September 8, 2016

dogs and pearsauce

molly and puppy
.9-12-16 001

my garden
.9-12-16 002

puppy lounging
.9-12-16 003

molly lounging
.9-12-16 004

the tree that we cut down. you can see how close to the porch it is. this is me sitting in the chair on the patio pointing the camera straight up.
.9-12-16 007

puppy hunting for more treats. i was *trying* to brush his coat out and he wouldnt cooperate. so i closed up the treats and set them aside.
.9-12-16 008

what? i wasnt trying to get into the treat jar!
.9-12-16 010

see i'm a good puppy!
.9-12-16 011

towards the end molly took to laying on the porch steps like this
.9-12-16 012

i made spaghetti sauce from my tomatoes
.9-12-16 020

somehow i managed to get tomato juice on the soffet above the upper cabinets, damn near to the ceiling. i got skills.
.9-12-16 013

big bowl of luscious pears
.9-12-16 014

its my biggest bowl
.9-12-16 018

and a cake pan full of more luscious pears
.9-12-16 015

big pan
.9-12-16 016

you can see the brown discoloration on the pears, from the pear psylid.
.9-12-16 021

i think these are summercrisp and patten pears
.9-12-16 022

more blemishes on the luscious pears
.9-12-16 023

homemade pearsauce
.9-12-16 038

this years onion harvest, sweet onions and red onions
.9-12-16 042

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