Tuesday, August 27, 2019

kitchen update # 63 - window trim

dad came up and we whipped out the trim for the inside of the kitchen window.

the window before trim

the trim laid out on the kitchen table so we could nail the corners together before we put it in place. because of the cabinets and sink theres no way to nail the corners together once its in place.

the blue arrow shows the teeny little nail pounded partway in. we predrilled the hole with a smaller drillbit to help prevent fracturing the skinny trim.

we also glued the corners together

tada! window trim in place. you can see how there wouldnt have been room to reach the corners to nail.

i fucked up pounding one of the nails in and bent it over. i had to pull it out and try again. the second hole i drilled managed to line up exactly with a nail holding the sheetrock underneath to the studs in the wall behind it. so of course that nail wouldnt pound in at all. third times the charm, ugh. i dont know if wood filler will work on plastic/polystyrene trim. i went with this trim because its over the sink and will get splashed and i dont want it to rot. the new kitchen window is plastic/vinyl and wont rot either.

but the window trim is done! still needs caulking though.

Saturday, August 17, 2019

kitchen update # 62 - cutting the tall cabinet down

the old tall kitchen cabinet shown here was one solid piece. unfortunately it was 2 inches (5cm) too tall for the basement ceiling, even after the decorative trim on top was removed.
10-25-2018   (146)

i cut the top half off from the bottom half with the oscillating tool by cutting along the flat top of the bottom section in the microwave hole. that way i got a nice straight edge.
(and all those boxes in the background FINALLY made it into the recycling bin now that the bazillions of cabinet boxes are all gone)

this lower half of the cupboard has a normal bottom with the recessed toe-kick (ignore the dirt from sitting out in the garage for the better part of a year)

here is the top half, turned upside down, needing the microwave-hole-sides cut off. but not cut ALL the way off or it'd be too short to fit next to the other base cabinets.

dad came out with his skilsaw and we measured and marked and cut most of those microwave-space-sides off. dad could get the straight line with his saw that i couldnt get with mine.

here is the top half all cut down. we'll make some more minor cuts on the bottom so it can have a proper toe-kick like the other cabinets.
and i'll take off the doors and flip them around so the handles are on top instead of the bottom. i already measured and the hinges are perfectly equal so it'll be an easy switch.

the top side of this top-half of the tall cabinet isnt nice and smooth. the decorative trim on the top, some of the screws were glued in and would not unscrew. dad had to pound it off.

another challenge is this cabinet (top half and bottom half) has no back. all the other cabinets had backs. so we'll have to cut something up to fit. eventually.

these cabinets will be repurposed into a better kitchen for the roommate in the basement, but after all the work we did, we're taking some time off before starting that project.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

kitchen update # 61 - day after the countertops

on august 7 i had the roommate shut off the main water to the house so i could replace the shut off valves under the sink. (the shut off valve is down in his bathroom).

installing the new faucet

new faucet with the pull-down sprayer head in place

lots of hoses, all fit thru one hole in the countertop


the old shut off valves, the one on the left (hot water) leaks and has a paper towel shoved in it.

then i used dads pipe cutter and cut off the old leaking shut off valves

dads pipe cutter (the red thing). you twist the dial on the side to tighten the cutter wheel and spin it around the pipe, then tighten, then spin, and keep doing it until the pipe breaks off.


the orange thing has two functions. one is those little black circles in the middle are metal cutters that strip any burrs off the top of the pipe after the pipe has been cut off. you spin it around while pressing down. the second function is that it tells you the proper depth for the push-to-fit valve to be pushed down to.

you draw a line under it, then push and push and push the valve all the way down so its properly in place.

voila! valve pressed down to the line, perfect fit. no soldering.

then i attached the hoses from the faucet to the new shut off valves

lovely functional shut off valves under the kitchen sink, and they work nice. then i had the roommate turn the water back on and no leaks.

then i needed to make a run to the store for more plumbing parts because the sink drains are in different spots than the old ones, so the old drain pipe pieces didnt work. i put a bowl in the sink under the faucet to remind me theres no drain hooked up yet even though the water is hooked up.

on august 8 i went to menards and found all the new plumbing parts i needed in one set.

i attached the little stubs to the sink strainer, then screwed the sink strainer in with the plumbers putty.

view from above with the new sink strainer in place

all the plumbing drain pieces cut and screwed together! no leaks!

kitchen with the sink cabinet doors in place now that i'm done with all the plumbing underneath.

the new faucet is great, but at first kept dripping a few times each time i shut it off. i worried if thats just how the pull-down sprayer faucets work or if i didnt something wrong. but it quit doing that.

every time i walk into or out of the kitchen i drag my hands over the new pretty counters.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

kitchen update # 60 - countertops are in!

on august 6 they came out and installed the countertops. again they called and asked if they could come early. it was two hispanic guys speaking in spanish to each other the whole time. heidi got another peanut butter stuffed frozen kong that kept her happily occupied. it took about 2 hours. they had to do some cutting with the backsplash pieces.

they carried in the first two slabs on either side of the stove

the slab for the peninsula

unloading the last section from the truck

the sink slab in and the backsplash pieces cut

after sneaking those pictures i left them in peace so they could attach the counters to the cabinets. look look i have counters!

and they're not yellow! (the old ones were harvest gold yellow)

love my new kitchen!




the pattern on the counters


my new extra deep undermount sink

i couldnt attach the plumbing or the new faucet until 24 hours have passed so the adhesive can properly set

they attached a metal strip to the underside of the counter above the dishwasher for the dishwasher to mount to, since you cant screw into the quartz

the propped it up with a couple shims on the top of the dishwasher door

extra deep sink, thats my elbow! its deeper than i expected.

rounded corners on the peninsula

some things look weird or feel weird so i'm going to give it some time first before deciding if theres a problem or if weird is just new and different and is fine once i get used to it.