Thursday, June 27, 2013

I present to you BABY PEARS

from the luscious pear tree
 photo 38cd8772-2e37-4bcc-913b-183f75734895_zpsa61af30a.jpg

 photo dc367f01-8faf-4db0-8e2e-98a180a69c4f_zps51e9aeb3.jpg

 photo 022c0351-96c4-4bfc-86fc-fb38b5820197_zpsed03d711.jpg

from the summercrisp pear tree
 photo c8904cf9-5046-4522-b567-b857155de720_zps3f98a771.jpg

 photo ea54efa9-3833-4d47-8cb8-ed4181bf6670_zps236ea7b8.jpg

 photo fa6b3794-c8db-4f27-83b6-8512e23977f7_zps27bffc67.jpg

from the parker pear tree
 photo 0ef7fcdb-0ae0-4b28-94f4-7c10cb7af3dd_zpse554078f.jpg

 photo cf0eedc6-25b8-41f5-946f-b357e762b839_zps5edaa016.jpg

the 4th tree, the patten pear tree is a year behind these three, smaller and sparser. it has no pears this year.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

garden photos

with all the rain we've gotten, i havent had to water my garden once in may or june. that has never happened before! but the rain turned many things yellow for a while. beans and melons especially. luckily we've started having some sunshine during the days to help dry things out in between all the rain.

 photo c9785ae6-25d5-4b49-ad87-09d8abb6a1d6_zpsc5a8034e.jpg

watermelon in a cold frame
 photo d3d6f942-5190-4b7f-8361-d4a777e8b55f_zps90c34a29.jpg

watermelon NOT in a cold frame, much farther behind in growing.
 photo 33748583-66f8-4b74-bb8e-12de4ee9ed6d_zps44886f31.jpg

cantalope in a cold frame
 photo a774139e-602a-4797-a4ef-e9cf3522d759_zps7000f046.jpg

 photo 8389508c-1d41-4440-b969-17a5eb715220_zps75906cec.jpg

 photo e9f33e04-007e-4d08-8ec6-8a2710e3752f_zps512efc9d.jpg

 photo 614fb3f5-96bf-49a2-b92f-75986fc377ca_zps50dc22ab.jpg

brussels sprouts and cauliflower
 photo db07209a-025a-4275-a276-8e7ecd77218b_zps6488bebb.jpg

green beans
 photo e642dd16-1cae-4517-8df9-7ed4e072271e_zps9b8e96ad.jpg

black eyed peas
 photo 5e001184-5548-44ea-bd53-eaa084fd4a99_zpsb1f21147.jpg

raised bed garden, carrots, radishes, lettuce, rutabaga
 photo 9a96c285-f726-43ab-9970-6a9f963c0fa0_zps1faaac36.jpg

strawberry patch
 photo 1bca767d-5b29-443e-8b40-90f05ca7d048_zps7d802b27.jpg

raspberries and molly
 photo 45773d3e-a69c-43de-b5e0-a8db5d38f037_zps1cb9de8c.jpg

raspberries are so tall they come up to my shoulders!
 photo 30bf33d4-abd8-4145-81af-0ca621e135c9_zpsa64c4ab8.jpg

Monday, June 10, 2013

cedar apple rust

This is a gall, caused by the fungus Gymnosporangium juniperi-virginianae. Galls appear when an insect or fungus feeds off of a plant and somehow changes the plant's structure, causing it to produce abnormal growths, inside of which the insect or fungus then lives. Those "tentacles" are actually the spore-producing appendages of the fungus inside the gall.

 photo 0a8d0467-9d54-4c87-b83a-b4aa83bfef2a_zpsd9284ead.jpg

 photo 7b351154-559c-4aba-b266-7e0a4c61f4b5_zps156abea2.jpg

 photo 12f06aa5-280b-4e1f-9a40-d70176cd1091_zps954d179c.jpg

 photo 3ebab831-0c0f-4fbb-9d5e-40e4d1a7baae_zpsc4d31a7c.jpg

It can defoliate trees and blemish fruit making them unmarketable. The CAR fungus requires two hosts, apple and eastern red cedar. it makes spots on the leaves of apple trees AND pear trees very much like the spots i've been having trouble with on the summercrisp and patten trees.

treatment seems to be sulfer. but is supposed to be applied when the blossoms are open and that has passed.

purely for amusement

from the new star trek movie

spock attitude photo a7ccd3e1-0940-43ce-aaf6-f91c69ee7e88_zps36ee08a8.jpg

new pictures of the baby pear trees. 4 years old now i believe.

pear trees:

 photo 06d275c3-69d0-4faf-804a-ffd55eccc80a_zps3ead497b.jpg

 photo 6a1aba30-7c1b-4ea1-b3fe-78edda46e194_zps0bb57156.jpg

 photo d37c1523-e572-486d-8064-342ce9c15b02_zps1047cab4.jpg

 photo ba2632ab-2288-47f2-afe8-0c7dd9162e4d_zpsc8f76adc.jpg

the neighbor across the street has a huge pear tree too! bottom half
6-2-13 006 neighbors pear tree photo ce3affbc-4088-4f7f-81a4-168636396097_zpsaed50bdf.jpg

top half
 photo 074ab380-0485-4981-b328-9b9a41b4850c_zps8f1afa4e.jpg

Sunday, June 2, 2013


put a new bin of green stuff into sweetpeas enclosure. she promptly plowed thru half of it and THEN started eating. but at least she's figured out its food and isnt trampling it all anymore.

 photo 39db35c1-558e-4ccd-96b0-0cbeeeb82dcd_zps7f1f3a14.jpg

see the leave sticking out the left side of her mouth? nom nom nom
 photo 3be567da-ffd4-4b23-81f9-8d34ea6e70a0_zpsbf7f4c32.jpg

repairing the hole in the ceiling/replacing the access panel

i've got all the pieces to repair the hole/access panel in the basement bathroom ceiling where the outside hose/water shut off valve hides. i had to have the valve replaced last fall and the plumber had to enlarge the hole to replace the valve. so the previous access panel was trash.

my dad helped me figure out a new way to cover the hole and still allow access twice a year to turn it off and on. he cut a length of wood to have a lip on it. i cut that piece into two pieces and cut a 1/4" plywood piece to size for the sliding panel. i finished painting the boards yesterday. today i installed them.

the hole
 photo 5da4bb00-542b-4623-ab35-364bba245381_zps0eeba54c.jpg

tools and parts. you can see the two L-shaped pieces that will allow the panel to slide in and out.
 photo 07744a66-13ef-4e39-8b61-e16d232da1f4_zps92fb3116.jpg

sliding the panel in place (i could not get my camera to focus to save my soul)
 photo 2488f306-be61-4fe3-92bf-ba15e1bb7b00_zpsa29e889a.jpg

new access panel (still couldnt get my camera to focus)
 photo 021f2af7-6aae-4869-9efb-557927ccae7c_zps162d87e7.jpg

unfortunately the new valve seems to be leaking since opening it up for the summer. i dont think the soldierjoint is perfect enough on the right side of the valve where it connects to pipe and heads outside. guess i got another project now. it *should* have been done right the first time. though admittedly it spent the winter being shut off and being fine. and it was a very difficult place for the plumber to access.