Sunday, May 31, 2015

garden photos end of may

cauliflower, brussels sprouts, and broccoli
 photo 49166b9e-1d40-4e4c-995d-69f6cf953432_zpsehcd7nq8.jpg

 photo 5c0f9ca5-7cb4-40b2-adec-284eedd7c830_zpsgalrnsuz.jpg

 photo 42d30708-a189-4cba-91db-0a053e4cb44e_zpsdch0exvg.jpg

my lone peanut plant isnt doing too good. i didnt cover it during the frost that i covered all the tomatoes.
 photo adcf1714-fddc-4b94-94c0-5f6e4c59501c_zpsudizqg4a.jpg

 photo 136ce640-8736-4dbc-a675-a4300c984e2d_zpsphej2tyj.jpg

 photo 19bd01f6-82af-4201-b9c3-f5926397c619_zpsqufyymvl.jpg

rye close up
 photo e73cbe2c-61fa-47f6-b510-e17daea62555_zpsap2u5o3y.jpg

 photo 9f16c154-3e45-4ced-bc1a-8116ddc3933b_zpsxnhsajeg.jpg

 photo 495ccd67-5b33-4a04-b8fe-be722d6f7d41_zpsoquabkd6.jpg

more watermelon
 photo 58220261-0ff4-41b1-a5f9-8ff4364a0670_zpsyzegiy35.jpg

 photo b487f8f0-0ebc-4072-9e85-fb788d1461ff_zpsalsx2nbf.jpg

more cantaloupe
 photo 95bc9992-b3ca-426c-950f-3b2e41e2b624_zpsqsv3bfwo.jpg

 photo 04d66c09-08cd-453b-8d32-733ccc2b23b6_zps8l6svh9h.jpg

 photo f9d1fac4-dd94-4f86-9bb2-38674d474528_zpsodbadk0i.jpg

shredded leaves for mulching. last fall this was full up to the top.
 photo 9115961d-1ad7-4908-a82c-c443bc6cd85c_zpsolstddck.jpg

 photo d4718340-de06-4c71-af69-19e3a4efffbe_zpszpkgcuvf.jpg

 photo cf30d5b3-2c6f-4c53-bd1e-474a5ea8dab7_zpsijzitnmv.jpg

basil that i didnt cover up from the frost
 photo 685e356b-fc5f-4b8f-ba0d-36eea696949d_zpsmpozvb3n.jpg

more basil
 photo e196f4f5-1530-47c5-a7ee-5638a645ec14_zps6rjgr4bh.jpg

the jicama died in the frost. the sugar beets i planted never came up. the maple tree seeds/helicopters were spread ALL over my garden, as you can see.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

cleaning the gutters with dogs around

in the future i should REALLY lock the dogs in the house when i clean out the gutters. they think the gross disgusting half rotted gutter slop is delicious *gag* and stand right under where i'm tossing it out and end up covered in it. then they run away when i try to hose the stink off them. i'm nearly as soggy as the damn dogs are after catching them and hosing them down. that gutter slop is some seriously awful putrid crap. but between the ash tree and the maple tree, TONS of stuff falls off the trees in spring. oh well. i needed a shower anyway.

puppy all wet and soggy from me cleaning all the goop out of the gutter and him rolling in it.
 photo 719e4338-11bd-42a2-a87d-757b2cb0de81_zpsgreiekvn.jpg

molly is sniffing and eating the goop
 photo b5e23811-539d-4858-88f7-27d3f758c824_zpsh5odsmhv.jpg

i made quite the mess
 photo c36bda0a-22fd-4c35-aa6e-0ce87227fe05_zpsjeker3wu.jpg

most of the goop ended over here on the tree roots
 photo 7a38fd97-9dce-4a92-a24d-939d51730966_zpsgrt6ieuw.jpg

Friday, May 29, 2015

molly and sweetpea

molly got a toy from the vets office because i bought either the flea and tick prevention, or the heartworm prevention. it was a cute toy, but it was knitted, and ripped apart in seconds.
 photo 642f2c37-0468-48ed-8012-887af2b23609_zpsy8odjias.jpg

sweetpea trying to escape. i heard her making quite the racket in her enclosure behind me. the computer is in the same room as sweetpea. this is what i turned around to see. she's keeping an eye on me...
 photo 18ed15f0-c98f-43ea-acca-41df90557188_zpsrqb03kfc.jpg

Thursday, May 28, 2015

thinning the baby pear nubs

i thinned the parker tree. all i did was thin each cluster down to only one pear. there were usually 3, but up to 5 pear nubs per cluster.

this is what 236 parker pear buds look like
 photo c7503db8-c019-482b-bf29-05981ed87c9b_zpsdxc7crf1.jpg

parker buds
 photo 6fa8d7eb-2d4f-440b-a5f3-9cd387e76d06_zpsuegj1zkw.jpg

luscious pear buds, i thinned off 70 of them
 photo cb283570-f014-4157-a92b-96dd0e823d8f_zpsylzx1tnl.jpg

luscious buds
 photo 2301fe15-b951-4f5f-9b8f-dbe3cb1282ba_zpsint3elis.jpg

summercrisp, thinned 70
 photo 1b08b6aa-ba8f-4c35-ad6b-e94f13b636be_zpsh9koz9f4.jpg

6-3-15 photo 89b725a0-0c62-4b22-bfb7-462b462e2acc_zps7g0cff9o.jpg

patten cluster of 5
 photo 6bd6e2eb-6481-4d8e-afb2-105f854d5775_zps5znbavux.jpg

patten thinned 206
 photo 46804dda-561f-4b9d-b3fc-a252819ae716_zpshdwfwxzc.jpg

 photo 2b4276c0-54dc-48eb-8403-fc96776a722d_zpstcukjiiv.jpg

the patten pear nubs were quite scratched/scabbed. it happens when the nubs rub against anything, like other nub stems, leaf stems, branches, anything. and the patten tree is my littlest tree of all the four. it fruited so prolifically everything was crowded and rubbing.
 photo 8c8a192a-042c-47d3-89d5-870c746d0a2e_zpsfmuprdqi.jpg

 photo 090dd6bd-dd6a-425c-bf68-2df095975101_zpslbv3y4q0.jpg

luscious cluster of only 3
 photo b5554f53-6733-40f6-98d8-15981bbdfc25_zps1txdqigh.jpg

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

flowers out front

the first new flower bed i dug out front
 photo b3f2594f-e925-4424-8dcc-9f52b581f514_zpsrtwp0fii.jpg

now with flowers in it! marigolds down in front, canterbury bells above them, calendula up against the sedum at top.
 photo c9fcacfa-d5a8-430a-9e75-157ffef7720d_zps7glxy6ei.jpg

the two surviving sedum from last year. i planted them too close together.
 photo bacc50fe-10c1-49fe-bdc7-101a33515c18_zpsi0glh9wh.jpg

the sedum i bought to replace the one that died over winter
 photo 3a5114fe-cd8e-4b20-8623-8624e1e9d8a2_zpstsnfsdod.jpg

it rolled around in the truck and knocked off a bunch of leaves. the internets said i could grow plants from the leaves, so i figured what the hell, and stuck the broken off leaves in potting soil. its been a month since this photo and i dont know if anything is happening or not.
 photo af646cad-c865-40c7-893d-f6891578180c_zpsyzez1ejq.jpg

Saturday, May 23, 2015

my little zoo

crunch n munch with sweetpea
 photo edf2b7ee-8abc-4f6b-899c-35128c43866a_zpsxla9izau.jpg

another day, another shot of puppy and his afghan love
 photo 16641730-1a92-472d-a584-fe00f5e2bb8d_zpsgh3lbdjv.jpg

mollys choice of napping spots means squishing herself between the couch and the dog bed rather than laying on either.
 photo ba157ea8-81dd-4e7c-b29e-355ceb7ff8e8_zpsaliikccj.jpg

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

pear trees and baby pear nubs

luscious pear tree
6-3-15 photo fb848b2b-d8d6-4543-85da-38557c840fd4_zps7boaf1yx.jpg

6-3-15 photo a86b289a-b803-423a-a871-7e1e744f49df_zpsue4bhwe1.jpg

6-3-15 photo 4fb151c7-95bc-49b0-912c-b9a7da2844f1_zps9djmelok.jpg

 photo 3611235b-5682-45a4-b63a-4169a16aba1f_zpskkpttomt.jpg

baby pear nubs, patten tree
6-3-15 photo c19c297c-3424-496d-b4c3-31f0b050daed_zps4rchfu04.jpg

 photo 996094a9-7bea-4ca3-b90a-930f272f0cb2_zpsid7lcvgt.jpg

 photo 0d75ccae-1e36-4b37-b65d-a5b4e68efd85_zpshn2m5orz.jpg

 photo 3c4499f8-f51d-4593-b2a2-352eb3081e16_zpszhft7ksi.jpg