Tuesday, November 17, 2015

crazy doggies!

have some videos of the dogs running around crazy and playing biteyface

rolly polly molly

run run run


you can get dizzy trying to keep an eye on them!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

molly in the leaves, and puppy too

despite her stitches, molly was happy to roll around in the leaves
.11-15-15 109

.11-15-15 110

wiggle wiggle
.11-15-15 111

.11-15-15 113

.11-15-15 107

molly, buried in the leaves
.11-15-15 114

happy doggy!
.11-15-15 116

puppy was happy to join her, running around thru the leaves
.11-15-15 119

.11-15-15 118

Saturday, November 14, 2015

puppy and his tennis balls

silly doggy rolling on this tennis balls
.11-15-15 055

happy puppy
.11-15-15 056

always with his tennis balls
.11-15-15 058

.11-15-15 063

Friday, November 13, 2015

new yarn!

how i track how many hours i put into the baby afghans
.11-15-15 100
i make little hatch marks for each hour. and when my wrists only allow me a half hour, then i make a little '5' over on the right. when i get a second half hour, i scribble out the 5 and make a regular mark.

the free yarn i picked up at bundles of love charity, to make new afghans with, that i then donate back to them. white, red, scrap blues, and scrap greens.
.11-15-15 228
and a nosy puppy investigating...

Thursday, November 12, 2015

sweetpea vs endive

sweetpea vs curly endive
.11-15-15 030

i've gotten endive seeds three times and they're not the same as what i can rarely get at the grocery store.
.11-15-15 031

sweetpea doesnt much like the homegrown varieties i've found so far. she really likes the grocery store curly endive variety
.11-15-15 032

she'll eat all of this
.11-15-15 033

i need to find the right variety of curly endive to grow for her. thus far i'm not having much success. its frustrating.
.11-15-15 036

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

afghans and booties by mom

these are the afghans my mom donated to bundles of love

this one looks a little trippy/hypnotizing in the photo because of the variegated yarn
.11-15-15 082

but its really just a simple ripple afghan
.11-15-15 083

a ripple afghan made from scraps
.11-15-15 085

.11-15-15 086

a blue ripple afghan (that puppy couldnt resist resting his chin on)
.11-15-15 087

.11-15-15 088

a cupcake afghan
.11-15-15 080

.11-15-15 081

and a pair of baby booties
.11-15-15 079

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

blue scraps baby afghan

scrap blues afghan, made from all the tiny leftover balls of yarn at bundles of love
.11-15-15 025

this one took 23 hours to complete. the longest i've spent on a baby afghan in a while. usually they're under 20 hours.
.11-15-15 027

i track the hours because bundles of love charity (where i donate the baby afghans to) asks how many hours are donated.
.11-15-15 098

.11-15-15 099

i think it turned out pretty nice, and used up all those little balls of yarn, yay!

i found the pattern on pinterest - https://www.pinterest.com/pin/335447872217002966/
instructions are here - winkieflash.nl/patterns/groovy-ghan-en/

Monday, November 9, 2015

brussels sprouts leaves

i pulled the extra leaves off the brussels sprouts.
.11-15-15 016

the dogs like eating the stems of the leaves. molly eating.
.11-15-15 014

puppy eating
.11-15-15 011

quit with the flashy thing
.11-15-15 012

Friday, November 6, 2015

molly pictures

molly, impatiently waiting for dinner
.11-15-15 089

love me love me pet me love me
.11-15-15 090

settling in for a nap
.11-15-15 092

napping by my side
.11-15-15 094

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

mollys lump and surgery

the lump after our first visit to the vet where they drained it with a needle.
.10-24-15 185

.10-24-15 186

but the lump refilled with puss within a few days, despite antibiotics.
.11-15-15 020

its hard to photograph a lump in black fur
.11-15-15 021

so she had to go back to the vet and have surgery to remove it
.11-15-15 059

they shaved a much bigger section of fur this time. freshly home from surgery, first thing she did was flop over and roll on it.
.11-15-15 061

so she got to wear a tshirt to keep the leaves and grass and dirt off her wound.
.11-15-15 062

puppy shadowed her for a while.
.11-15-15 064

she couldnt settle when we got home. she'd lay down somewhere for like 5-10 minutes, then get up and walk around. go lay somewhere else. and again. and again.
.11-15-15 065

she didnt mind the tshirt at all though.
.11-15-15 066

she laid under the porch steps for a while.
.11-15-15 067

its one of her 'go-to' places when she's upset or worried. the tub is the other place.
.11-15-15 068

she was able to reach her stitches with her back leg to scratch. but i discovered that if i moved the knot in the t-shirt to be in the way of her leg, then she wouldnt scratch at it.
.11-15-15 070

i was sitting on the steps. she came to sit next to me for a while.
.11-15-15 071

but still couldnt settle and was up and about again
.11-15-15 069

then she went back under the porch steps. she finally settled there and slept for a while.
.11-15-15 073

after a while she woke up and came inside.
.11-15-15 074

and needed some loving and reassurance
.11-15-15 075

she crawled up in my lap, and checked out my laptop
.11-15-15 076

but decided to sit next to me instead
.11-15-15 078