Saturday, April 30, 2016

homemade chicken nuggets

greenhouse with lots of seedlings inside
.4-26-16 055

nasturtiums in the greenhouse
.4-26-16 005

i made homemade chicken nuggets
.4-26-16 061

they're yummy
.4-26-16 062

Friday, April 29, 2016

mollys lump

back in november molly got a lump, and the vet removed it.
it was an expensive surgery, and molly had to wear a tshirt for a couple weeks to help it heal. well, another lump came back in the same place. this time the vet said that they could remove it, but it'll likely keep coming back. and that she'll likely keep getting these kind of lumps periodically.

mollys second sebaceous cyst
.4-26-16 056

this was just a few days before it finally erupted and started draining. it was hard to get a picture of how tall it was.
.4-26-16 058

**it drained continuously thru may before flattening out. then drained only very slightly thru june before finally healing up. she never seemed bothered by it, happily letting me clean it the whole time, and taking treats when i finished cleaning it. i wasnt sure if she'll always have a bald spot there or if the skin would shrink back down, but over july it did shrink to nearly nothing and the hair is growing back. i can only just barely find where it used to be, and only because i shaved some of her fur away to make cleaning easier, so that area has shorter fur.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

sweetpea REALLY loves yu choy

sweetpea liked it so much she actually BLURRED her head! imagine, a tortoise being too quick for a digital camera!
.4-26-16 040

i originally picked up yu choy at the asian grocery store because it resembled something i picked up at the farmers market that sweetpea adored. i harvested it for weeks, giving her a big pile of greens to chomp.
.4-26-16 039

.4-26-16 042

these pictures are from over a couple weeks
.4-26-16 043

gobble gobble
.4-26-16 047

she seriously loves this stuff
.4-26-16 048

i like this one especially
.4-26-16 049

crunch n munch
.4-26-16 050

it grew VERY well out in the greenhouse in the chill of spring
.4-26-16 051

for weeks i just trimmed the outer leaves. they kept producing more.
.4-26-16 052

out in the greenhouse
.4-26-16 054

some videos of sweetpea munching

Monday, April 25, 2016

pear tree blossoms

summercrisp pear tree
.4-26-16 031

these ones on this tree only were tinged pink around the edges
.4-26-16 025

.4-26-16 024

patten pear tree
.4-26-16 030

one of the few open blossoms (at the time i took the pictures)
.4-26-16 029

most of them are pretty little blossom balls not quite open yet
.4-26-16 028

.4-26-16 027

luscious pear tree
.4-26-16 035

each blossom is a potential pear if pollinated
.4-26-16 033

.4-26-16 019

parker pear tree, the biggest tree
.4-26-16 021

with the most blossoms
.4-26-16 020

sadly, it rained most of the time the blossoms were open, and i dont have that many pears on the trees. the pollinators just werent out there doing their job in the rain i guess.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

sweetpea vs radish greens and puzzles

i gave sweetpea a bin of radish greens
.4-26-16 003

she made quick work of it.
.4-26-16 007

i did a puzzle, it was missing a few pieces
.4-26-16 014

a cute doggy puzzle
.4-26-16 060

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


baby asparagus!
.4-19-16 290

the first raised bed, with its asparagus crowns in the back.
.4-19-16 289

harvested baby asparagus. some of it got SO tall just from one day to the next. you really have to go out there and check them every single day!
 photo .4-26-16 016_zpsym5eeway.jpg

as they got bigger, they got as big around as my finger
 photo .5-9-16 022_zpsdq5wtsl6.jpg

they really grow fast!
 photo .5-9-16 021_zpsb0jh2lee.jpg

puppy and molly figured out they could just put their paws up on the edge of the raised bed and nibble on the asparagus.
 photo .5-9-16 046_zpsvmsbnmi1.jpg

i had to put a fence up.
 photo .5-9-16 045_zpswgng1ylz.jpg

darn dogs are too smart for their own good.
 photo .5-9-16 049_zps342iv7gn.jpg

Monday, April 18, 2016

uncovering the strawberries

the strawberry patch, still covered in leaves to survive winter. and molly.
.4-19-16 281

i must have missed one of the runners last fall. we have an escape artist! a strawberry growing outside the strawberry patch. i try to redirect the runners back inside the patch, but this one had rooted already. the lawnmower will take it out though.
.4-19-16 282

all the leaves and the row cover cloth removed
.4-19-16 283

new green strawberry leaves already poking up. you can see how easy it would be to mix up the shredded leaves with all the rest of that when trying to pull them off each spring.
.4-19-16 284

thats why i use the row cover cloth under the leaves. this way i dont end up accidentally pulling up strawberry plants. the cloth gets a bit gooey after all winter under the leaves though. i hang it on the clothesline to dry out and let the wind blow all the leaf bits off.
.4-19-16 285

it looks much less gross after its dried off and windblown.
.4-19-16 287

Friday, April 15, 2016

seedlings indoors and in the greenhouse

watermelon seedlings under grow lights
.4-19-16 292

watermelon and cantelope seedlings. the grow light is deliberately angled so the bulbs are close to the shorter cantelope seedlings, but not touching the taller watermelon seedlings.
.4-19-16 293

nasturtium on the left, butterfly bush in the middle, calendula on the right
.4-19-16 295

tomato seedlings in need of some water
.4-19-16 296

all three shelves/lights
.4-19-16 297

brussels sprouts, broccoli, and onions
.4-19-16 301

radish greens for sweetpea
.4-19-16 300

yu choy greens for sweetpea
.4-19-16 299

the greenhouse with the cool weather seedlings in it
.4-19-16 298