Wednesday, October 28, 2015

the greenhouse heater

the new heater in the greenhouse
.11-15-15 045

its a nice 'oil radiator' style heater
.11-15-15 046

inside the greenhouse view of the new cord 'hatch' and the new garage outlet
.11-15-15 047

the cords are strung up around the greenhouse shelf supports to keep them from touching the floor, but also to create a lower point, in case condensation occurs on the cords, that it wont travel from outdoors up and around thru to the heater.
.11-15-15 049

the tray of lettuce out in the greenhouse
.11-15-15 050

the tray of radish greens out in the greenhouse, a little droopy because the greenhouse still heats up in the sun, even it the nights get down to freezing.
.11-15-15 051

.11-15-15 052
79`F INSIDE the greenhouse, but only 40`F outside. sunshine makes a huge difference.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

minion crochet

mom crocheted a minion hat, little minion slippers, and big minion slippers
8-26-15 photo d8428f95-6a6e-4b60-942b-669597cdac98_zpsbumzmnjh.jpg

and a minion purse
8-26-15 photo ce2f0fdb-4440-42d7-b59a-ac1cf2ca2f62_zpsorxnmiid.jpg

Thursday, October 8, 2015

powerwashing the porch steps

the porch/sunroom sticks out off the back of the house. it has steps on three sides. the north side is perpetually in the shade, and tends to grow moss. so about every other year my dad brings up his power washer and we make it go away. its a rather time consuming chore, as the moss likes to stay where it is.

the moss gets pretty bad on the north side.
.10-24-15 178

i didnt think to take pictures until after i'd already started
.10-24-15 177

the first pass
.10-24-15 180

farther down. dont mind the leaves, they were falling constantly the whole time i was spraying. i did sweep off the steps before i started. the leaves just kept coming.
.10-24-15 181

even the stringers underneath the steps have to be sprayed off, which requires some creative bending and maneuvering to reach properly.
.10-24-15 182

dont they look SO much better?!!?
.10-24-15 183

the nice clean steps on the east side. they're only half in the shade, so they dont get as bad as the north side, but the right end, closest to the camera, gets bad. the left end stays pretty good. the unpictured steps on the south side are nearly always in the sun, so they stay pretty clean.
.10-24-15 184

here is an old picture of the porch on the back of the house, before we replaced the rotted steps.
back of house photo Picture051.jpg

Monday, October 5, 2015

greenhouse heater cord hatch

my new extension cord for the heater in the greenhouse. it LOCKS! you push the button in, plug in the cord, and let the button go, and you cant unplug it! it stays plugged in until you press the button. i got one of these extension cords for my leaf blower too. that cord was ALWAYS coming unplugged. i LOVE these cords, they're awesome.
.10-24-15 195

i made a special panel on the outside of the greenhouse that can swing all the way closed when the cord is out.
.10-24-15 194

the flap swings opens to let the cord plug thru.
.10-24-15 193

then slides mostly closed while the cord is plugged in.
.10-24-15 192

blueberry oatmeal cookies
.10-24-15 191

train puzzle
.10-24-15 190

of my four different pear tree varieties, only the luscious tree turns red. the other three only turn yellow.
.11-15-15 010

Saturday, October 3, 2015

doggy videos

puppy REALLY likes to destroy the sunflower heads. he just bites and rips and spits. molly comes up and is all what the hell are you doing? i dont get it! hey- i'll eat that!

conversations with molly

Friday, October 2, 2015

sugar beet vs sweetpea

i planted lots of things in the first raised bed that didnt come up this year. an entire row of sugar beets, an entire row of rutabagas. of both of those rows, only one sugar beet came up. and while it was growing i couldnt tell if it was a sugar beet or rutabaga. i'm not familiar enough with their large foliage to tell the difference. it wasnt until i pulled it up this fall that i knew it was a sugar beet.
.10-24-15 155

but only one wasnt enough to go to the trouble of boiling down and trying to make sugar. so i gave it to sweetpea thinking she might like the greens.
.10-24-15 156

its rather huge.
.10-24-15 157

sweetpea investigated it
.10-24-15 158

nibbled a bite or two, and then ignored it.
.10-24-15 159

after it was ignored, i decided to peel it, make it more edible for sweetpea. the sugar beet was pretty hard.
.10-24-15 174

the peeled bits she nibbled on
.10-24-15 172

but didnt eat very much of it
.10-24-15 173

.10-24-15 176

Thursday, October 1, 2015

pulling up the beans and trellises, putting the garden to bed

i pulled up all the beans and the trellises
.10-24-15 160

pulled out some of the tomato cages
.10-24-15 161

some tomatoes still left
.10-24-15 162

empty garden. beans used to be here.
.10-24-15 163

.10-24-15 164

brussels sprouts
.10-24-15 167

asparagus ferns
.10-24-15 187

ripening green tomatoes with the help of a couple apples (and a fruit fly trap lower left)
.10-24-15 188