Thursday, December 31, 2015

musical bookshelves

i went to ikea and picked up some new bookshelves while i still had dads truck to haul them home in. two went to the roommate and one was for me. i ended up playing musical bookcases trying to find a home for this new shelf. bookcase 1 didnt fit in spot 1. bookcase 1 fit great in spot 2, but bookcase 2 still did not fit in spot 1. bookcase 3 fit in spot 1, so bookcase 2 ended up in spot 3. i seriously unloaded and reloaded 3 bookcases and hauled them all around trying to make this work.

the new bookcase i got from ikea in its new home, the second place i tried for it at the other end of the living room. it didnt fit next to the tv where i planned to put it, but it fit exactly *perfectly* here between the thermostat on the wall and the cold air return down near the floor.
this is my 'coming and going' bookcase. my purse resides here. my bag for swimming stuff has its place here. library books coming in, and another pile for going back. a pile for stuff heading to my parents. a stack of books borrowed from my mom that will go back to her when i finish reading them. puzzles that when i finish, i'll pass on to my dad, and puzzles that came from my dad that i can send elsewhere when i finish. this is a very busy and ever changing bookcase. but its very helpful to have places for all these things.
.1-19-16 030

the second bookcase that USED to reside where the new bookcase ended up, was also too wide to fit next to the tv. so it ended up in the tortoise/computer room, where the third bookcase used to reside. this is my main 'book' bookcase, and most everything here has already been read.
.1-19-16 031

i had wanted to put the new bookcase next to the tv, but it was too wide, it completely blocked off the outlet for the tv and thats a rather essential outlet. this is the third bookcase from the tortoise room, a smaller skinnier unit. cookbooks on top, then dvds, then cds. still figuring out what to use the rest of it for. my busy curio cabinet is next to it.
.1-19-16 029

heres a look into the tortoise/computer room.
my desktop computer and its associated mess. i can never keep this space clean no matter how i try. and my monkey blanket on the computer chair. (and bookcase 2 in spot 3)
.1-19-16 053

the tortoise enclosure. (and the vacuum, and the greenhouse heater, and other stuff that ought to have a home but doesnt). this room has two doors, from the kitchen and into the hallway.
.1-19-16 054

my wonderful solid-wood desk that i bought as a teenager, and stained and varnished myself. love this desk, but it doesnt work well as a desktop-computer desk. and more bookshelves i need to get sorted. i'm trying to get stuff neatened up for the new year, rather than stashed and forgotten.
.1-19-16 055

Saturday, December 26, 2015

another xmas ornament

cute ornament i saw in the store that i didnt buy (but wish i had)

the grocery store was selling xmas wreaths and had this cute sign next to them

Thursday, December 24, 2015

xmas legos and olive dog

at xmas, mom asked my brothers about their childhood legos still stored upstairs.

they've been working at trying to clear out old or unnecessary stuff, after having to deal with cleaning out grammas house and packed up closets and junk... when she moved to the nursing home.

needless to say we had to play with legos when they were brought out, hehehe.
.12-31-15 086

legos are irresistible.
.12-31-15 087

they were mostly space legos
.12-31-15 088

although apparently there had been some pirate legos at some point. the sharks heads opened and closed!
.12-31-15 089

the legs on this elephant/thing could walk back and forth
.12-31-15 092

this is olive, my brother and his wifes brussels griffon. such a tiny thing compared to puppy and molly. i wonder if my tortoise weighs more than olive does.
.12-31-15 091

olive got real comfy laying on my SIL's lap and fell asleep. even started snoring. her snoring sounded like an old fashioned percolating coffee pot! it was hilarious!
.12-31-15 093

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

puppy and molly and sweetpea

puppy is a notorious spot thief. i was working on my laptop. but then i got up for a drink and came back and he stole my spot! and seemed to be enjoying my laptop too.
.12-31-15 005

molly is sometimes a spot thief, but not very often. she'd rather wait until i sit down and squash herself into my lap.
.12-31-15 006

and if puppy doesnt outright steal my spot, he'll come lay behind me on the couch.
.12-31-15 013

.12-31-15 014

.12-31-15 016

when i stood up, you can see how little room he left me. he's also laying on my sweater that i took off during a hot flash, and then couldnt put on when i cooled off because it was under him.
.12-31-15 017

a tray of radish tops for sweetpea
.12-31-15 020

.12-31-15 021

.12-31-15 022

Sunday, December 20, 2015

cookiepalooza 2015

here are all the cookies and goodies i made for xmas

russian tea cake cookies - fresh out of the oven, before sugaring
.12-31-15 069

russian tea cakes - first rolling in powdered sugar
.12-31-15 070

russian tea cakes - second rolling in sugar
.12-31-15 071

rice crispy bars
.12-31-15 068

pinwheel candy cane cookies
.12-31-15 072
recipe and more pictures here

andes mint chocolate chip cookies
.12-31-15 073

.12-31-15 074

russian tea cakes
.12-31-15 075

molasses cookies
.12-31-15 076

oatmeal blueberry cookies
.12-31-15 077

chocolate cake cookies
.12-31-15 078

peanut butter blossom cookies
.12-31-15 079

oatmeal raisin cookies
.12-31-15 080

i filled a grocery bag of cookies for the roommate for xmas. he was happy.
.12-31-15 081

peanut butter apple dog treats
.12-31-15 085
recipe and more pictures here

i had an audience, of course
.12-31-15 082

.12-31-15 083

.12-31-15 084

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

back in december i broke the card table my parents had let me borrow for doing puzzles on. it was one of their wedding presents and is around 44 years old. the leg of the table broke off.
.12-31-15 008

you can see where the weld broke
.12-31-15 010

another leg, still attached
.12-31-15 011

the broken weld
.12-31-15 012

i temporarily supported the table, which had a puzzle spread out half finished on it, with a chair and some old phone books.
.12-31-15 002

it worked long enough for me to finish the puzzle.
.12-31-15 001

my dad says my uncle can try to weld it back on, so it will be going back to them until the next time they visit south dakota. its really a very well built folding table, and the top separates from the metal frame to allow welding.
.12-31-15 003

another puzzle done before the table broke
.12-31-15 023

puzzle done on the new card table
.12-31-15 029