Monday, September 30, 2013

greenhouse roof (greenhouse post #9)

starting out the day, only the very side end pieces of the roof rafters are attached
 photo 3d7c30db-2086-4fab-a78d-a7fa5859a8ab_zps885fbf5a.jpg

 photo 777a66e7-22ae-4285-a601-0d304b8eccff_zpsb7fe5f98.jpg

view from the south east. the sheet of plywood inside is for the roof.
 photo 131d3b7e-fe83-4c9e-8a09-b971948a777f_zpsb5504d8c.jpg

chopsaw setup, cutting the remaining roof rafters to length
 photo 69cea75d-ce86-48bb-85fe-ee67368bcc96_zps5180bf7b.jpg

roof rafters installed
 photo e2064f83-6086-4df3-9e66-26ef8bfbb84a_zps2dcdf83c.jpg

the lip that keeps the roof glass from sliding off
 photo 92ead7e0-cbcf-4e63-8429-6ee094563859_zpsdd582b49.jpg

roofing rubber cut into strips and stuck on to the rafters where the glass will rest
 photo a831b3b3-0330-4258-ade8-15d462199cc1_zps326afba9.jpg

 photo b9bc478b-a62b-4d48-87c8-ba423b5231e3_zpsfe297ec3.jpg

glass goes up on the roof
 photo 3e1d65b4-7f83-419c-8673-8510cc458ac0_zps81bff3c4.jpg

 photo bc977939-b1c8-4c3e-8fa0-c9463b6a769f_zps3c6e8c21.jpg

 photo 92e21a81-8ba7-416a-98c3-363b08200b43_zps23b450dd.jpg

the sheet of painted OSB is cut and put in place, leaving a small opening in the far corner
 photo 18cfa2f6-57df-4fb4-b44b-ef49c0858b6c_zps2fc0fcb8.jpg

Sunday, September 29, 2013

painting again (greenhouse post #8)

painted the two north/south end boards for the roof rafters, and the two milled pieces for the top of the glass.
 photo 03531a25-4045-4583-899b-d27001b1acf1_zps0661731a.jpg

painted the milled pieces for the bottom of the glass/top of the plywood
 photo 0d3bbf97-87ba-4aff-ac2a-8b0fd471fc60_zpsa00c1be1.jpg

dropped the nearly empty paint can and spilled some paint
 photo 23cf4b08-7893-4f91-a1a4-5273131e4d21_zps0a50a202.jpg

painted the horizontal milled pieces for the bottom of the glass/top of the plywood
 photo 37da8f89-84c3-4452-87c1-72797f25ff2a_zps47faeb0f.jpg

painted the vertical posts on their sides next to where the glass will be installed so i dont have to paint them when the glass is there.
 photo e4562fb4-7b90-4f8a-a8fd-495888b56b48_zpsa31c06b8.jpg

 photo 5dda9bea-9b43-4494-99c7-d0957a9825ef_zps92dfa7f7.jpg

close up of the milled pieces for the bottom of the glass
 photo d81f7f53-16cb-4a78-9c36-8a3fad3038ae_zps4b855889.jpg

cut some backer boards for the inside of plywood seams
 photo 7ae338f0-8621-47f1-bca7-e0027fe89385_zps16ee33ba.jpg

 photo f776646f-446c-4713-a4fa-2d805a543bb0_zps799c91d8.jpg

two backer boards (not yet installed), cut to fit the seams of plywood that hasnt yet been cut
 photo 78f163b2-da10-4d39-97d7-1a0a7591d559_zpse35d92f3.jpg

Saturday, September 28, 2013

pears from my pear trees!

summercrisp pear first to ripen, so soon it ripened on the tree. one fell on the ground and ants got it. one i ate right away. leaving only this on. total harvested this year = 3
 photo 01c00acc-4f62-4290-a9e6-4b455baf1d72_zpsb907fc52.jpg

parker pears
 photo 91b14fe7-2a06-4fd6-b75c-8f50f3455f68_zpsaa6be8cb.jpg

patten pear
 photo 32d5fe79-30e2-45d0-a992-d04aa6956264_zpsd2fbc885.jpg

left to right, patten, parker, summercrisp. you can see the difference in their spots if you look closely.
 photo a50547f3-9aba-4a7c-85b2-664bc55f1a3b_zpsd2559a22.jpg

parker pears total this harvested this year = 9 (7 i kept, 2 i gave to my parents)
 photo 7822969e-8945-42ca-b826-08762c6e5b8b_zps1f03cade.jpg
 photo 5c94f956-bb33-4b4a-9cb7-927b6f066e42_zps88963d04.jpg

patten pears total harvested this year = 2
 photo c1d4b71c-7df4-46b5-9733-e2368c623911_zps04eb0417.jpg

luscious pears, last to let go of the tree. letting the young tree product so many seems to have kept them smaller than the other pears. total harvested this year = 35
 photo 238581c8-06a9-4eb3-9186-c3e720c805cd_zps3102cf67.jpg

the pears were slow to ripen on my counter, so i put them out in the porch, in some sun. you can see the sunflower head hanging below, and the plate beneath it that is catching the seeds as they fall out.
(if you let pears ripen on the tree, the overripen and the center rots.)
 photo c415d31b-eefe-4ef4-8cbc-5bcbb5f4a247_zpsac36afd5.jpg

 photo 39c3159d-ed53-404a-8bd2-67b27d745d23_zpsc0fe803a.jpg

garden pictures

white bunching onions and 'candy' sweet onions
 photo f55952f6-4aa0-4a79-b791-53984677b2e5_zps4de0df1e.jpg

black eyed peas, still drying in their pods
 photo f5dda85c-3bc7-46f3-8bb3-e68ba19bfe17_zps0e6a4625.jpg

ground cherries
 photo 5561c8ed-1668-4e78-a5dd-c23a709bff04_zps165f5885.jpg

sunflowers a month ago. i pulled this head off and brought it inside to dry and save the seeds.
 photo 0e43ead2-2a26-4ffa-9ffe-aa1e0749a35f_zpsa56147ed.jpg

this is what the 1st head looked like
 photo c47c6b94-4fef-41db-ba93-9f97af5ace6c_zps71011a4f.jpg

i left this 2nd head out in the garden. i didnt know if the birds would come back and eat them all or not. these are pretty much the only seeds left of all the sunflowers i planted.
 photo 4d0720d4-30bd-4e5d-913d-756165e3a237_zps0a9d84fd.jpg

this is what most of the sunflowers looked like a month ago
 photo dba230b0-e118-45db-924b-1e160efb97e9_zps868d3aa5.jpg

i tied the 1st head to some wire shelving in my porch to dry out
 photo ba94c178-7c5d-409f-8801-f70361b36db1_zps6fd5edf9.jpg
 photo 5a20b89b-43f7-453d-835e-79a9781d5b45_zps3eb63879.jpg

what the head looked like with all the little flower buds brushed off the seeds
 photo ea3f7dd0-b939-44ba-974b-439b2df4798a_zps863fa0d1.jpg

what the head looks like now, after a month of drying
 photo 31609852-fc68-496e-80a7-cfab642ec564_zpsc504acc7.jpg

i left the stalk in the garden of the sunflower i pulled the head off of. it decided to sprout tiny little new flower heads further down the stalk.
 photo d7e93871-418c-4629-8cbb-b436722c607f_zpsd887be99.jpg

the 2nd sunflower head, left a month longer in the garden. the birds actually left it alone. i cut the head and strung it up inside next to the drying 1st head this week.
 photo 4ec8462a-96ab-48a1-8886-245787795eb7_zpsff3180f6.jpg

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

the greenhouse goes up! (greenhouse post #7)

we had a slight engineering issue. slanting the pavers away from the existing concrete slab for rain diversion is good in theory. when that particular row of pavers is going to be supporting part of a wall of the greenhouse that is also partially supported by that same slab, the pavers and slab need to be level or one end of the wall ends up being an inch off the ground. i need to pull up 4 pavers and re-level them. 4 pavers out of 46 isnt too shabby.
 photo c4a1bcde-a689-4a0d-9451-5e72337f99cd_zps0bc55b70.jpg

(ignore my fancy paint drop cloth, an old bedsheet that met its death via the dogs nails)
 photo cc232349-5d18-44c6-9548-edb283621749_zps4613dbe9.jpg

 photo ab043c00-8e3f-4c18-9cc0-25c431980958_zps8123b7d4.jpg

so i pulled the blocks, dumped a bucket and a half of dirt back down, and leveled out those four pavers.
 photo aa03e48b-b50e-497e-b6d6-dd72284cc047_zps82dc1ab7.jpg

raised up pavers. the north wall base is now parallel to the south wall base.
 photo a42b9565-ead2-4c57-9a2b-0234f648faf4_zpsc1328dbc.jpg

first two walls up and attached
 photo c5a21035-1cec-4141-bcbf-9e7eabc7564b_zpsed44ff14.jpg

yes the north wall is taller than the sides and the south wall. it had to be taller to accommodate the salvaged door, and to add a slant to the roof.
 photo e125174a-7ac1-4790-9717-f9fc7eff553f_zps0b258b7e.jpg

 photo d1c80e96-e690-4470-8c95-9417d558a74a_zpsc19dc32a.jpg

all four walls up! with my dad in the corner finishing up.
 photo 1e6aff0a-2d75-4cd1-8079-76bff58b2bc8_zps7fa1740e.jpg

the door is installed
 photo 8dd94fdf-f715-4e1f-824d-5d45f3dbdef3_zpsf278fa10.jpg

look at all this space i have beside the greenhouse! space that was totally wasted with stupid landscaping rocks. what can i do with this space...
 photo 739286be-7eb7-408e-83e1-82e71995a04d_zpsa4b2debf.jpg

the second top plate was added above the north wall. working out how much overhang we can allow for the materials we have to use on roofing.
 photo cf40a5dd-0eca-4d54-b1e3-b1f355e16f13_zps0f8deba0.jpg

the roof truss pieces on the very ends are cut to length and attached. the remaining boards are just resting up there
 photo 518335ea-081c-49e8-859f-a57e76436fd6_zpsfa584bc0.jpg

the north side
 photo d3de269e-0cc8-47aa-a908-fc089b879737_zps0bc54b11.jpg

the south(east) side
 photo d266b415-a8f3-4007-8497-392c6f8848ed_zps2a8be102.jpg

tarped up for a couple days of rain
 photo d726265a-d3be-4e3f-b320-0f2a998b1cff_zpsb844bd6e.jpg