Friday, August 28, 2015

state fair pics #5 eco buiding and goodies

this is the last of the state fair pictures. we visited the eco building, where they have nifty environmentally conscious solutions and displays. our feet were pretty tired by this point in the day.

they have mock-ups of housing built to display all the eco-friendly things they can incorporate into homes now. i found these ruby slippers outside one of the displays and had a good giggle.
.9-5-15 098

plastic bag tornado. made up entirely of plastic bags, and it was spinning around. on the fence surrounding it were sad facts about all the plastic bags that end up as trash out in the environment. and how they dont disintegrate, they just eventually break into tiny pieces that stay plastic for eons.
.9-5-15 099

they had play stations set up where you could build whatever you wanted with these toys that connected in every way imaginable.
.9-5-15 100

.9-5-15 101

minion ice cream popsicles available
.9-5-15 103

peace bear carved from a tree trunk
.9-5-15 102

minion cake display to show how one stores pans could be used
.9-5-15 104

honey lime rub. this stuff is awesome! i rub it on fish or pork chops, then dredge them in flour and cook them in a tablespoon of oil. this is my 3rd year buying this stuff. garlic gourmet has a stand at the fair every year with tons of other flavors of rubs, dips, marinades, just all sorts of yum. otherwise i have to buy it off the internet.
.9-5-15 105

different places around the fair gave out free chip clips. they're magnetic too. really nice.
.9-5-15 106

watkins double strength vanilla is the best ever for cookies and stuff. we hit their stand at the fair every year too and stock up.
.9-5-15 107

this lady makes her own olive oil soap and it is wonderful! i use her tea tree soap on my face and it really helps with my acne. it cleans enough to keep the acne at bay AND it doesnt dry out my extremely dry skin. thats a difficult combination to find. usually the acne soap is too harsh for my dry skin and leaves me peeling and flaking. or the moisturizing soap is too much for my acne skin and makes me break out. i like to try her other scents as my body soap. the soaps are kinda pricey at $7 a bar, but they're totally worth it if you have sensitive or dry skin.
.9-5-15 109

freebies. a holder for bus cards that can be stuck on the outside of your wallet or phone. a button. avon lip balm. magnets. a new map of the metro area. a whistle. earplugs. a packet of wildflower seeds.
.9-5-15 108

state fair pics #4 creative arts building

all of these pictures are taken in my second favorite building, the creative arts building. these are all the arts and crafts stuff that people made. all of the stuff is displayed behind glass, so some of my pictures have unfortunate reflections in them.

this guy is made from metal. i love him! you can see the incredible detail in the piano keys and hammers.
.9-5-15 094

a view of him from the other side. the artist on this one is paul e. tierney and there are more pictures of the making of this wonderful dude on his website
.9-5-15 093

a cute little sewn ladybug bag
.9-5-15 067

monster pants, crocheted i believe
.9-5-15 068

vikings helmet hat, knitted or crocheted
.9-5-15 069

frog prince hat crocheted
.9-5-15 070

puppy afghan, crocheted
.9-5-15 071

basket weaving. as a kid i took a summer school class on basket weaving and loved it.
.9-5-15 073

handmade lace or tatting (not sure which) plus hand spun hand dyed yarn on the right. forgive the blob, there was a terrible flash reflection and it looks slightly better blacked out than glaring white.
.9-5-15 075

glasswork, stained glass?
.9-5-15 072

wood inlay sculpture
.9-5-15 076

cross stitch. i wish i'd gotten better detail on this photo, it was so intricate.
.9-5-15 077

a doggy quilt
.9-5-15 079

this color shaded jacket is quilted from just tons and tons of little pieces of fabric in varying but well matched shades.
.9-5-15 081

wood crank toy, turn the crank and the dogs run
.9-5-15 080

carved wood treehouse. this was difficult to photograph right.
.9-5-15 082

.9-5-15 084

stained glass lampshade
.9-5-15 086

a quilt of such intricate detail i wish i'd gotten the photo better
.9-5-15 087

a model of one of the vehicles from the new mad max fury road movie
.9-5-15 088

not a rocking horse, a rocking tractor
.9-5-15 090

metal minion
.9-5-15 091

a doggy quilt. this dog is made of stuffed animal material while the rest is regular cotton.
.9-5-15 092

i thought this quilt was gorgeous despite its monochrome scheme. it was also massive, at least king size.
.9-5-15 095

another metal minion
.9-5-15 097

state fair pics #3 seed art and scarecrows

still in the agriculture horticulture building.

seed art. made up entirely of little seeds glued in place. and nothing else. i'm always amazed and drawn to these. theres such a wonderful variety, with many different categories and age range. theres always a big crowd viewing these.
.9-5-15 050

mike wazowski! (monsters inc)
.9-5-15 049

this one was extremely detailed
.9-5-15 054

celebrating our conservatory - at the como zoo
.9-5-15 053

.9-5-15 052

raggedy ann and andy. again, this is nothing but seeds.
.9-5-15 051

seriously amazing, the patience these people must have to do this seed art.
.9-5-15 056

a play on dr seuss' go dog go
.9-5-15 055

poking grand fun at trumps comb-over
.9-5-15 060

.9-5-15 062

a trip to the moon
.9-5-15 061

these made me giggle
.9-5-15 065

live long and prosper
.9-5-15 064

they have a hallway of scarecrows
this one was literally a crow
.9-5-15 047

.9-5-15 043

i liked this one made of kitchen stuff
.9-5-15 044

protecting the pie
.9-5-15 046