Thursday, October 10, 2013

greenhouse post #14

brackets were used to attach the roof rafters. this is the south wall
 photo ff1bb0a5-a3bd-41f8-89f4-0255a93c9183_zpsadf848f5.jpg

north wall
 photo 184a9724-03e4-4d06-90a0-0483b5c3b73d_zpsc1c34b56.jpg

the metal corners on the northwest corner of the roof
 photo 5708cec5-df1b-4b47-9b38-d70872b4aac1_zpsa24ce886.jpg

the bent over metal overhang along the north edge of the roof
 photo b1cff37a-2da4-408b-8c01-1c3f611170cd_zps68b76599.jpg

the northwest corner of the roof, looking up from below
 photo c9d1d892-f12b-4782-9821-9b2c3925daba_zps71560ffd.jpg

the northeast corner of the roof
 photo 80fbc6e2-0bf7-48de-b59d-73921c2e6186_zpsb4130c70.jpg

the roof rafters are now painted
 photo 864937a7-b1d7-4c77-8332-db34b6d6f877_zpsbe56ed0c.jpg

everything in the greenhouse is now fully painted with primer. i am done with the primer! it took two gallons of primer. theres about an inch or so left in this second can.
 photo a1ff772e-de43-4db6-b982-3cbe62382afd_zps8cd921b8.jpg

caulking on the top of glass. it is really hard to get pictures of the caulk in focus.
 photo 31f3e997-4a34-4d49-a23c-b396ad4bff0c_zps308a0145.jpg

caulking bottom of south window. its not easy to master caulking either. towards the right end of the photo you can see i somehow got an air bubble in there.
 photo b611363f-c573-40ba-8f57-7f156ada56f7_zps07b89988.jpg

 photo 2b13999d-3c15-4478-9cef-7edce6cbc425_zps3d3970c4.jpg

caulking between the glass on the bottom of the south wall
 photo 641e0fde-5ca5-4713-8af9-6a7c5ce68227_zps5a4cdf3b.jpg

we could have turned this post to avoid having to fill this hole with caulk
 photo e4632469-4a9b-4ddf-92ca-fc9019010a22_zpsba8938b6.jpg

this post the hole went all the way thru, so it'd have been on one window or the other even if turned
 photo 4ff3978d-f421-4779-9f81-6a789a41620b_zpsb3ae7095.jpg

shims were cut and glued into place on the upper south windows. (held in place with tape until the glue dried))
 photo ba6b7f3f-cf2a-4441-af93-6e78464527f5_zpsa9c7dec3.jpg

caulking, upper south glass
 photo 15d9f83c-5de5-426f-9974-034024bb703b_zpsf8665d3a.jpg

the greenhouse as it currently stands, north wall
 photo a11b61ad-0ba0-47e0-9ab7-dd9b0f34d137_zpsd2496956.jpg

south (east) wall
 photo fae1d59e-9baf-4fc9-aa59-120ae65d6450_zps960641ae.jpg

southwest corner. some planks on the red fence were removed. maybe some day in the future i'll move the fence post to the left. but for now i like the red fence where it is and dont want to take it down. so it stands as is. theres ALWAYS more projects...
 photo c025fb16-18ad-4d1d-8dcc-b9560e52e4e1_zpsd7d97961.jpg

like removing oil based paint from the glass (oops)
 photo 03eb55e8-f7f7-4b5d-be3e-9c9c372d43d0_zpsc94435f3.jpg

at this point the roof eaves are still open and needing to be closed up. south wall
 photo b35d071a-85fd-469e-9a77-54cab31e9ae6_zpsee78b986.jpg

north wall open eaves
 photo ca1bcb7c-9bab-4669-b70d-48b7f9c36d4a_zpsb58df104.jpg

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

greenhouse post #13 painting and caulking

inside walls painted
 photo bf3f1d6c-39cf-469a-b5e0-5eb1c32ead85_zps2235787e.jpg

 photo a0fdf2f9-1fc3-45b9-a575-82dbe7b64d48_zps6c71dca3.jpg

 photo 73ee3b26-d6d9-43bb-9d62-3ac3f3b3f92c_zps5db8c4cb.jpg

taped off the glass on the inside of the roof in preparation for painting rafters
 photo de901da4-3b6b-4ffd-a499-efcf46ab07aa_zps0214829a.jpg

what it feels like in the greenhouse in the sun
 photo a9f2d8cb-fa7c-49a4-b4e7-e07af4314158_zps07c3302e.jpg

window caulk, clear for the vertical window edges
 photo fb270f57-ba27-468b-97f4-c8ca9ba19299_zpsd412dfdb.jpg

we placed strips of foam between the glass and the posts on the vertical edges, then caulked over them.
 photo dd4384e7-d04d-4383-82d4-2164d1956c5f_zpscd834aee.jpg

its difficult to get pictures of caulking, especially clear caulking
 photo 7e8f9a8e-8d4e-4ecb-bde3-c778bc5a9874_zpsd6dcb8fd.jpg

the bottom of the windows needed shims
 photo 1782b322-1a58-4692-8032-bfbee3990306_zps91faa7bc.jpg

 photo f6a0aa22-a7b8-4716-8bd3-2a8a7dfe4e95_zps1aa573f6.jpg

white window caulk for the top and bottom of the glass
 photo 70095eca-5dae-43aa-9acc-991ea82f03bf_zps5f2afc9a.jpg

caulked the three windows on the east, north, and west sides
 photo 364303f7-f7e9-4de1-ad18-39f6e513f9a4_zps0adaa884.jpg

 photo 8301f186-4c3f-4e82-901e-2172f06f73e5_zps75ebd361.jpg

the upper windows on the south side all need shims
 photo 2e85aa37-c479-4cea-ba82-af19d86f6431_zps004d6556.jpg

pushing the glass flat against the post, you can see the gap
 photo 298a087f-7221-4c52-bae2-ac13e2057888_zps223a76c1.jpg

Sunday, October 6, 2013

greenhouse post #12

whats left to paint inside:

 photo ec7eb55d-d2c7-4eb6-a939-eba5249ac4d4_zps1742fc6c.jpg

 photo 552a21c3-f4fb-4494-b7b4-741d20e363bc_zps843a7d89.jpg

 photo 5416818b-84be-4f3e-880d-a3f57c30709d_zpsde3f0073.jpg

 photo 36c0d5ee-e834-40d3-b7fa-44333559f48a_zps9f966850.jpg

after 3 days of rain, some raindrops on the south end of the roof
 photo 3f33233c-6836-4e98-b443-fd0f38936123_zpse1e6fbf0.jpg

south end of the roof, looking up
 photo b50366f7-f16e-44bd-bad0-6f767815668f_zpsed9b0ff5.jpg

raindrops hanging from the roof rafters on the south end
 photo f12fd8f0-922a-4d62-b0ca-53877ff19203_zpsa78e527a.jpg

the windows werent sealed yet. water leaked down the posts
 photo ca755181-55d0-438a-8a50-fb43b6acb9b2_zps471fe2a7.jpg

water leak
 photo f0efb1cb-ea4c-4e06-b2fc-ed618d66ccf9_zpse477c440.jpg

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

greenhouse post #11

put the new handle on the door (the old one didnt work)
 photo cf55ae70-b371-4b81-8534-6c978573d7dc_zps16b08a39.jpg

had to cut, paint, and install a bump out for the door latch
 photo 680a6aa2-977e-4696-b167-90454e9b43a9_zps3270476c.jpg

reversed screen and glass in door so that glass is on bottom and screen is on top. i did this so the dogs dont jump up and put their paws thru the screen if i'm inside the greenhouse and they are not. the sliding glass pane to close the screen is in the lowered/open position in this photo.
 photo 0dec1147-dc78-49a6-a5de-58e1570c465e_zps6c542e23.jpg

painted plywood on west wall
 photo 5bd02669-f242-464b-8d9c-c1ebff7faee1_zps98b4fe96.jpg

painted plywood on north wall
 photo 530a29a2-cbeb-4665-81ff-641ee7abea58_zpscb855e3d.jpg

painted plywood on east wall
 photo 7b2bcbb5-4d71-4b9b-9c5b-ce1682dd2dbf_zpsefea432e.jpg

started painting plywood inside
 photo 975d9d98-3679-4ff0-be6f-88742856c8a1_zps4370b1b2.jpg

puppy is bored with painting
 photo cb8a2abf-a160-4355-832a-ac5018444edc_zpsf8db2ee1.jpg

but he's still keeping an eye on whats going on
 photo 62c7f531-8264-4a73-8d5f-9e11b023eb41_zps6b9ea834.jpg