Thursday, June 30, 2016

a little of everything

first (and only) blueberries
.7-14-16 160

blueberry flower
.7-14-16 159

pear shaped cherry tomatoes
.7-14-16 167

amish paste tomatoes coming in
.7-14-16 168

more broccoli
.7-14-16 170

broccoli regrowing after being chopped off
.7-14-16 171

more broccoli regrowing
.7-14-16 172

calendula flower
.7-14-16 173

calendula not fully open
.7-14-16 174

beans and their trellis
.7-14-16 175

baby watermelon
.7-14-16 176

nasturtium and peas - the peas on the right have already died from the heat
.7-14-16 177

cantelope vines
.7-14-16 179

watermelon vines (and the hole from repairing the second leak in the soaker hose)
.7-14-16 180

happy puppy
.7-14-16 182

molly soaking up the sun
.7-14-16 181

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

raspberry and strawberry jam

my mom and i made raspberry jam and strawberry jam.

5 generous cups of raspberry puree with its seeds strained. (started with 8 cups)
1 box surejel pectin
4 cups sugar

the day before, mom pureed the raspberries with her stick blender and strained the seeds out. then yesterday the raspberry puree was brought to a boil on the stove with pectin added. once boiling sugar was added, boiled for one minute, then removed from heat. we had the jelly jars in the canner having been brought to a boil, and the lids and rings in another pot of water having been brought to a boil. we filled the jars and let them cool. all but two sealed. we put those two in the canner for 10 minutes to force them to seal.

6 - half pint (8 oz) jelly jars
2 - quarter pint (4 OZ) jelly jars
plus 1 - half pint jelly jar from the foam. we tried putting it in the microwave to dissipate the foam according to the internet, but that didnt work well.
-total of 8 - 8 oz jars.

the raspberry jam set up too firm.

12 cups (3 quarts) of strawberries (picked from bauer berry farm)
1 box low sugar pectin
5 cups sugar

we put the berries in the pot and used moms stick blender to puree them. the brought to a boil with the pectin. added the sugar and boiled for a minute, then removed from heat. again we had the jars in boiling water in the canner. we filled the jars and let them cool. again two didnt seal and we put them in the canner and they sealed.

9 and 1/2 - half pint (8 oz) jelly jars
2 - quarter pint (4 oz) jelly jars
1 and 1/2 - half pint jelly jars from the foam, that again wouldnt unfoam. still tastes good though.
-total of 12 - 8 oz jars.

the strawberry jam set up just enough. still soft enough to spread.

raspberry jam
.7-14-16 137

with lots of foam
.7-14-16 139

when you bring the fruit to a boil, the foam starts
.7-14-16 140

lids and rings in a pot of water boiling
.7-14-16 141

a canner full of boiling water with the jam jars
.7-14-16 142

strawberry jam
.7-14-16 143

raspberry and strawberry jam
.7-14-16 144

strawberry left, raspberry right. raspberry was strained for seeds.
.7-14-16 145

jar full of raspberry jam foam
.7-14-16 146

left raspberry foam, right strawberry foam. middle strawberry jam with leftover foam
.7-14-16 148

.7-14-16 149

.7-14-16 150

.7-14-16 151

Monday, June 27, 2016

holey hose

this is the first split in the buried soaker hose that i had to repair
.7-14-16 152

the section i cut out. i didnt get all of the split and had to cut a second piece.
.7-14-16 153

the hose mender
.7-14-16 154

the repair was complicated by how close to the root of of the plants i had to dig the hole.
.7-14-16 155

this was my sign that there was something wrong with the hose
.7-14-16 157

the water really sprayed out!
.7-14-16 157-2

the hole, the plant root, and the split section
.7-14-16 156

Saturday, June 25, 2016

pool party!

molly splashing in the pool
.7-14-16 117

licking the water off her nose that she'd splashed
.7-14-16 119

always up for love and ear scritchies
.7-14-16 120

a second before shakedown
.7-14-16 121

puppy takes over!
.7-14-16 122

chasing each other in and out of the pool
.7-14-16 123

wet dogs = RUN RUN RUN
.7-14-16 131

moar running
.7-14-16 132

.7-14-16 133

engage biteyface with zoomies
.7-14-16 134

more zoomies
.7-14-16 135

in the pool and quickly back out again
.7-14-16 136

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

inch worm and broccoli

i was sitting on the porch steps reading my kindle when lo and behold, an inch worm appeared
.7-14-16 097

legs only at the head and tail ends
.7-14-16 096

inching along
.7-14-16 098

.7-14-16 101

when it was all stretched out, there was a little bit of yellow that appeared
.7-14-16 102

.7-14-16 103

.7-14-16 106

i cut the head off, but no worries. it'll send up more shoots. they'll never be as big as the original head, but the dogs and the tortoise eat them.
.7-14-16 107

broccoli shoots
8-26-15 photo 3084a465-9b05-4903-8aa3-252c78cacf92_zpsba4fjfyp.jpg

puppy, munching on some broccoli shoots
.7-14-16 104

molly munching on some broccoli shoots
.7-14-16 105