Monday, June 30, 2014

another round of thinning

thinned out the luscious pear tree, took off 45 baby pears. counted 34 baby pears still on the tree.
7-3-14 photo 93dd167a-15dc-41c3-9585-48f1b5484384_zps185a793e.jpg

thinned 17 more pears off the parker pear tree. leaving 44 pears still on that tree. (second thinning)
7-3-14 photo 8688ddbb-4d4b-479c-9eef-d281711e4304_zps6ced13fe.jpg

last year there were 20-30 pears on the luscious tree and they ALL stayed baby pears. so i think i need to cut those numbers by half. hell, the other two pear trees have only 6 and 8 pears each.

but thinning off pears is hard! what to leave, what to take. i've already thinned each bunch down to one single pear. and pulled off all the ones that had anything wrong looking with them at all. and on the parker tree, i pulled off more pears so that the biggest branches (oldest/most upright/center) had no more than 3 pears, the medium size branches had 2, and the skinny littlest branches only had one.

i think its better if i thin a little at a time. walk away. thin a little more. i never thought it would be THIS hard for me to thin out the baby pears. plus this is new to me. i'm not entirely certain i'm doing it right. i'm worried i'll screw up my trees somehow.

but mostly its a war in my head that says NOOOOOOO! DONT DO IT!!!! even though i know its the right thing to do.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

chicken salad

i made chicken salad back in the end of june and it was awesome!
i chopped up the chicken
7-3-14 photo 5e313989-fbbf-4a8c-aafb-0b8d4213ae4b_zps234813a9.jpg

then chopped up celery and stirred it in until it looked like a nice ratio of crunchy to not crunchy
7-3-14 photo 54968f9c-1fb1-4251-aef4-bff99ff2b1d0_zps14bf8c1c.jpg

added just a little bit of onion. almost added more, but i'm glad i didnt. the onion was what i was most uncertain about.
7-3-14 photo 6257b836-cbc2-489c-b948-4ccb4f2695a2_zpse2656b88.jpg

i threw in a few grapes cut in half, added a few more grapes, then added more grapes.
7-3-14 photo b666b174-1e1f-4c14-a96e-87fffd2ed378_zps032c2d82.jpg

dumped in a blob of mayo. mixed it up. added a bit of salt. it made great sandwiches.
7-3-14 photo dc05f29b-f561-4f08-bf2c-ffa965c48daa_zps0508bb8b.jpg

and when i ran out of bread i ate it on crackers.
7-3-14 photo 58523b2d-2cfe-43b0-8d96-7fe04bc5af93_zps5fdd7aed.jpg

it was good. just the right amount of crunch, just the right amount of sweet. i'm very proud of myself. i'm not comfortable at all cooking without measurements to follow. but since i'd recently eaten my moms salad, my mouth helped me guess at the ratios.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

another bug

the little leaf miner bug from the ash trees. its small, not even 1/4". maybe 3/16" or 3 mm long.
7-3-14 photo c5e54369-14d3-4d0d-a372-d74f190acc7d_zps31112aad.jpg

the ash trees seed prolifically, especially along my fence. every year i have to cut down tons of volunteer ash tree seedlings. this year, the undersides of the leaves were filled with little long skinny bugs that i've never seen before. TONS of these bugs. they were killing the leaves. which i didnt give a toot about. i want the seedlings all dead anyway. but cutting them down disturbed the bugs and they swarmed me and freaked me out. they LANDED on me. EVERYWHERE! i was brushing them off and running away. very yucky!

i tried to look up what kind of bug it could be, but i couldnt find anything, and the more i looked, the worse my heebie jeebies got so i had to stop. it is definitely NOT the emerald ash borer in any stage. these were skinny, long, black with two white spots up by the head/neck, two further down the body. sometimes only the one by the head. some were a little more brown than black, but most were black. about a quarter inch long if even that. easily 20-30 bugs per underside of EACH leaf. they were leaving white trails in the leaves. not eating the leaf itself, but leaving trails like leafminers do.

Friday, June 27, 2014

yummy pork chops

i made pork chops. slathered them in seasoning
7-3-14 photo 81ea6487-189e-414e-a947-45b57da775eb_zpsd4f7eac6.jpg

good honey lime rub seasoning
7-3-14 photo faba5645-688d-48f0-9513-0981f78558be_zpsb5e8b9cc.jpg

then dredged them in flour
7-3-14 photo 7b30699b-cb20-4d5b-b33e-166e14b3eb0c_zpsc8c22b5f.jpg

7-3-14 photo d47fe3cf-4e5a-4965-8dd3-c0c9146a8545_zps5c59a060.jpg

fried them in a pan with oil over medium heat for 3 minutes on one side, 2 minutes on the other. these are thin cut pork chops.
7-3-14 photo a75b113d-7fa8-43cd-bcab-4ef2af567852_zps41cadb40.jpg

yummy yummy yummy
7-3-14 photo 342b07de-4773-4d80-a8f6-5445851cad25_zpsc9fbee53.jpg

i tried it with breadcrumbs instead of flour
7-3-14 photo fc7b9dca-0aaf-4f95-bacb-f34d6a08a166_zpsfe786133.jpg

but it wasnt as good. the flour with the honey lime rub is much better.
7-3-14 photo 8270780b-3214-4599-b41e-6e52f8f299c4_zps02b4ede1.jpg

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

pear tree thinning

the bucket full of 118 baby pears i thinned off the parker pear tree
7-3-14 photo 85ab67cc-afb5-4104-8bdf-ddf1bc374cc5_zpsbe1f58bc.jpg

thinned down from approximately 179 baby pears on the tree to approximately 61. i thinned them from 3-4 at each spur down to one.
7-3-14 photo 25dc4124-9c73-4063-b638-925b60c8fc72_zpsb5bf5133.jpg

baby pears with funky spots where they rubbed another stem. i pulled off any funky looking pears.
7-3-14 photo b9965a5c-8a4c-447b-a709-83d1001f6c8d_zpscc1f2e2b.jpg

even with all that thinning, theres still 3 pears on this one branch
7-3-14 photo 0d55b0fb-2c2e-4a1c-ae42-0ffcc76f7f97_zps15699dca.jpg

and still 5 pears on different spurs on this branch
7-3-14 photo 69253505-fa4a-4ef1-90fe-6bad61fc1519_zps348c575d.jpg

its hard to count pears on the tree.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

ugly bug pictures

ugly little grub bugs that were eating the leaves of ground cherry plants
7-3-14 photo 2be3f3c2-4d6d-4e45-85b7-341c4f6de8f8_zpsd6f64805.jpg

their backs were covered in goo that wiped off on my gloves when i touched them
7-3-14 photo f0118e64-10f6-4ca6-a9e3-9883e3444be2_zps5a09cd7f.jpg

i pulled them off and squished them under a brick. that seemed to end the problem. i have no idea what they are tho. never seen them before.
7-3-14 photo 70221906-8039-42a8-abcf-34a6485702ba_zps9e8766cf.jpg

a gardening community suggested that they're beetle larvae. they suggested potato beetle, but i'm seeing striped cucumber beetles in my garden. googling seems to bring up similar pictures for both. so i'm going with the striped cucumber beetle larvae. and the goo on their backs is their excrement, it makes them less tasty to things that would eat them. *gag*.

Friday, June 20, 2014


i love clover
7-3-14 photo 6fef02af-b0ec-49a7-8b42-648a0cb7d15e_zps5ffb0247.jpg

it smells so good!
7-3-14 photo 0edbb38f-4c77-47c3-bf55-b019b6d983c0_zps31dc2939.jpg

Thursday, June 19, 2014

sweetpea and peas

7-3-14 photo 55ba7e79-cff0-446f-b1d7-e6b67aaf562c_zps8e5b6684.jpg
sweetpea flattening a new tray of lettuce and greens. some she eats, some she just tramples.

sugar snap peas from my garden a few weeks ago.
7-3-14 photo 6d60f5b1-4d82-45b6-86a0-a4c5a11b2321_zps53f38f35.jpg

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

baby pears on my pear trees!

parker pear tree, LOADED with baby pears. 179 baby pears!
6-20-14 photo d3978514-4121-4348-91a2-52061c460a00_zpsd7314b2f.jpg

i'm going to have to do some thinning or the pears from this tree will all be teeny tiny like last year. SO many little baby pears!
6-20-14 photo aeef776c-5d72-4379-8ff7-11121c96449c_zps1b5adb8c.jpg

6-20-14 photo 0be73b09-6005-4b39-ae30-386065b37b46_zpsa1889ecd.jpg

luscious pear tree. 56 baby pears.
6-20-14 photo 2c91be81-5db4-440d-9e90-ec499e4caa8e_zpse2a30664.jpg

6-20-14 photo 182eea37-94bf-42f3-944a-aff719748d23_zps7a87749f.jpg

patten pear tree. 7 baby pears.
6-20-14 photo 0fc969c6-3195-4709-bfea-d27c20421767_zps567f705f.jpg

summercrisp pear tree. 6 baby pears.
6-20-14 photo a5f4db32-463b-4a6f-b264-e303710839d1_zpsf894d5ef.jpg

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

pictures from the garden and yard

'champion blue' bellflower campanula. my mom took me to the garden center after the garage sale and i blew some cash. i think this flower is beautiful and would like to have lots more of it! its a very stiff firm flower, holding its shape despite high winds and downpour rains. and such a pretty color too. i dont think this location is a good permanent location for it, but i wanted it in back where i could look at it every day. its so pretty!
6-20-14 photo 4a3be5dc-246e-448a-830c-80462445ee4d_zps6823a0ef.jpg

raised bed. down on the bottom are sugar beets. moving up from there are ground cherries on the left, bellflower on the right. halfway up are 2 zucchini plants. sweet onions and more ground cherries intermixed everywhere. at the top are two rows of carrots.
6-20-14 photo 692c5d35-3311-4260-aaed-41f4ff21b5c3_zpsaf1f0f19.jpg

strawberries are doing fabulous. biggest crop i've ever gotten this year.
6-20-14 photo c7ebb593-0e14-4033-a762-3267469ba489_zpsf5e5b854.jpg

so yummy and sweet and super juicy.
6-20-14 photo b7992640-75cb-48ec-b03e-b2b9a1a98fd8_zps727cc2e8.jpg

drainage ditch project. the grass is growing great! need to finish the drain part. need some kind of drain tubing to go under the fence to keep the hole/ditch open. need blocks to line the bottom of the ditch with. need to extend the ditch past the fence along the side of the garage up to the lilac bushes. however, the grass is still very young and tender and delicate and the dogs have already ruined a couple spots. but the water is draining away from where i want it away, and going to where i want it to go. that wasnt happening before. so even half finished its still helpful.
6-20-14 photo c263e619-f1c9-48f1-acd7-3d1023a7cac6_zps3333033b.jpg

three kinds of sedum, planted out front. 'neon' stonecrop sedum on the left rear. 'bertram anderson' sedum on the right rear. 'vera jameson' stonecrop sedum down in front (spread into two branches heading left and right).
6-20-14 photo 955db4f2-6ca0-468f-9d3b-26a13dcaf52a_zps20e39f20.jpg

the transplanted day lilies have really taken off out front. i probably should have spaced them further out!
6-20-14 photo e07fc69c-3143-430a-8214-60d1583ed948_zps8ddb24db.jpg

Monday, June 9, 2014

junes garden pictures

green beans and their trellis
6-20-14 photo 1e1b84fd-cf66-4dfa-b7f0-29a4d57230e6_zps7fccb087.jpg

tomatoes up front, peanuts in the rear
6-20-14 photo 18848ff6-d6df-4d89-b552-dbe860bd7a30_zpsca5e0ae6.jpg

two pretty marigold varieties i picked up when none of my seeds sprouted
6-20-14 photo 2c3bbafd-7f05-44ed-a8bf-932d28126703_zpsc55c2939.jpg

zucchini plants, a volunteer sunflower from last year that looks to be a monster, and the diminishing pile of leaves, no longer needing a wire cage around it.
6-20-14 photo e4781d7d-250c-4812-a91c-fd98dd6dc06c_zpsf54571ec.jpg

spaghetti squash, with a whole row for it to spread out into
6-20-14 photo 4afce8f2-4fca-4e86-9a2e-25acc0feab93_zps152352f2.jpg

sugar snap peas on the left, black eyed peas on the right. watermelon down in front. (and weeds)
6-20-14 photo 5683fa24-5602-4bc7-98b0-fc2a602f530b_zps6eea13d7.jpg

more watermelon. three sets of it, amid the weeds. and lots of clover.
6-20-14 photo 869fe36d-973e-4eb8-a644-86751ab0c490_zps5d082446.jpg

the rye has really gotten tall!
6-20-14 photo 4a0a1004-6232-4711-bd62-3af1c8bb3451_zps793ff758.jpg

close up of the seed head
6-20-14 photo 6ce0a21c-ff2b-464a-871f-cedc43ca8376_zps24cbad8f.jpg

peanuts on the lower left, up to broccoli, to cauliflower, over to brussels sprouts, back down to cabbage on the right
6-20-14 photo 56089c18-db91-4a25-badd-dac95c64e17a_zps00224421.jpg