Sunday, May 29, 2016

doggy pools and a doggy ramp

the dogs love their little plastic kiddie pools.

molly likes to bite at the water
.6-15-16 090-2

.6-15-16 090

and dig in the water
.6-15-16 091

posing nicely
.6-15-16 093

dribbling water after biting at it
.6-15-16 094

the maple tree 'helicopters' stuck in the new garden fencing
.6-15-16 098

so many helicopters
.6-15-16 097

here is the doggy ramp my dad helped me build for molly so she can get up on the bed
.6-15-16 099

view from the back side
.6-15-16 100

.6-15-16 101

.6-15-16 102

i stapled down carpet for extra traction. (i have extra scraps of carpet in the basement)
.6-15-16 136

nothing fancy, just berber carpet
.6-15-16 137

voila! i made it come up to the level of the blanket chest rather than up to the edge of the bed, because the mattress sinks when you're on the edge of it.
.6-15-16 138

Sunday, May 22, 2016

strawberry blossoms

i planted comfrey last year in a pot because i was told it can spread and be difficult to kill. last fall i dumped it out and buried it in the bottom of the raised bed that now has the blueberries in it. i figured that'd kill it. nope. not only did it come back in the place raised bed where i had the pot planted, but it came back in the blueberry bed where it was buried under multiple feet of stuff! i let it grow in the first raised bed. i hope i dont come to regret that.
.6-15-16 078

see the long long roots it sent up! over and over and over it keeps sending up more shoots and i keep pulling them out.
.6-15-16 077

the first raised bed, asparagus in the back, daikon and rutabaga sprouting.
.6-15-16 079

molly resting her chin on the edge of the raised bed where i blocked off access to the asparagus the dogs were helping themselves to.
.6-15-16 087

the blueberry raised bed. still not much happening back in may.
.6-15-16 080

the duke plant is starting to green up
.6-15-16 086

strawberry blossoms
.6-15-16 081

strawberry patch - the fenced in part
.6-15-16 082

the not fenced in part. i've been dumping dirt there for a few years (from leveling the pavers over by the greenhouse) and the strawberries sent out runners and populated the dirt pile. the dogs run thru this area so the plants there arent in the greatest shape. and when the strawberries did come in, puppy was helping himself.
.6-15-16 085

my big maple tree.
.6-15-16 064

my fire pit after the bonfire. i made charcoal! notice all the maple tree 'helicopters'. thats what fell overnight. this picture was taken the day after the bonfire. my whole yard was covered in them.
.6-15-16 076

Friday, May 20, 2016

greenhouse, dogs, planting tomatoes

i drilled a hole and screwed in a hook so that i could make the greenhouse door stay open on its own. up til now i've been using a planter to hold the door open. otherwise the wind blows it shut.
.6-15-16 033

tied a short length of rope into a loop around the handle so i can easily 'unhook' the rope and shut the door if needed.
.6-15-16 035

the greenhouse was still quite full back near the end of may
.6-15-16 047

i cut a piece of wood and screwed it to the wall in the greenhouse so i could hang some tools rather than have them rest on the ground and take up space and fall over. i kept knocking EVERYTHING over.
.6-15-16 027

i drilled holes and screwed in these little tool holder hooks.
.6-15-16 028

puppy, napping in the sun. these silly black dogs LOVE laying in the hot hot sun.
.6-15-16 054

mollys lump/sebaceous cyst is finally flat again. it drained for a month before flattening out. and it continued to leak for another month before it finally healed all the way. but now its fully healed and the skin has shrunk back so that theres only a dime sized hairless spot. and i can only find it because i had to shave the hair to clean it and that shaved hair, while its grown back, is still shorter than surrounding hair.
.6-15-16 045

every year i save my eggshells in the freezer and when it comes time to plant my tomatoes, i pull this bag out.
.6-15-16 050

i toss a handful of crushed eggshells into the bottom of each hole, before i plant the tomatoes
.6-15-16 051

then i plant the tomatoes like normal. i had such trouble with blossom end rot. and since i started doing this three years ago, no more problems.
.6-15-16 052

the tomatoes with the trellises in
.6-15-16 057

the beans are planted and the trellises are in
.6-15-16 055

brussels sprouts and broccoli
.6-15-16 056

peas, and nasturtiums
.6-15-16 058

Saturday, May 14, 2016

laying pavers

slowly but surely progress is being made and rocks are being removed
.6-15-16 019

more than halfway!
.6-15-16 022

the last rocks to go
.6-15-16 024

its a fairly long section to have cleared. 12 feet i believe.
.6-15-16 025

no more rocks!
.6-15-16 029

the poor screen is giving up the ghost. its just hardware cloth stapled to a 2x4 frame.
.6-15-16 030

its all coming apart
.6-15-16 031

and sagging pretty badly
.6-15-16 032

next i had to use my handy dandy mattock to break up the dirt below the rocks so i could remove quite a bit of it and level the pavers.
.6-15-16 037

first three buckets of dirt removed. puppy being so helpful and wandering thru. gotta check out what i'm doing over here.
.6-15-16 039

molly walking into my picture. i was trying to show how high the dirt was and how much more i had to remove.
.6-15-16 040

.6-15-16 041

the dogs kindly left footprints in the sand i was trying to level.
.6-15-16 042

this angle shows better how much dirt i had to remove to get the pavers level with the existing concrete slab.
.6-15-16 043

.6-15-16 044

three MORE buckets of dirt removed
.6-15-16 048

this is where i ran out of energy and stopped. it rained a whole bunch and the dirt was mud and i've run out of places to dump it. and now weeds have popped up like crazy in that dirt. i did pick up more bags of sand. here you can see my tomato plants that got too tall for the tallest shelf in the greenhouse.
.6-15-16 049