Tuesday, March 31, 2015


flowers, tomatoes, and watermelon and the lone peanut down in front
 photo 43d542f4-3f5d-4d5c-a4e3-cbd54fb5507d_zpswhqmymi9.jpg

celeriac, canterbury bells, basil, jicama, and stevia
 photo fb458242-076c-4016-a762-49df43142bcb_zps4fvh5igb.jpg

onions, endive, coreopsis, calendula, blackeyed susan,
 photo 78388698-6fac-45e4-9058-dad6cc7fc60e_zpstpy3dlwg.jpg

tomaters and onions
 photo 895a8957-01a0-47a0-a53f-332a7db1c5c9_zpsul3rbrw3.jpg

cantelope close up
 photo a05cf8b4-8c40-4003-8052-c7d4eeb07a39_zps5fbtnthp.jpg

Saturday, March 28, 2015

naner bread muffins

banana bread muffins. i started to peel one open before i remembered to take the picture. they smelled so good.
4-10-15 photo e0b3507d-8e3f-4cbf-ad44-c4de0a970c53_zpsyferrngv.jpg

Thursday, March 26, 2015

puzzles from march

this one was super easy. sometimes you need an easy puzzle.
3-28-15 photo a749d91c-d376-4421-86e0-4d29fc1f48ab_zpsoxtyfdnu.jpg

this was a different kind of puzzle, a two puzzles in one sort of thing
4-10-15 photo 1da15b10-2880-476b-b093-887ca44c4125_zps5frgr0a5.jpg

one section was a circle, with extra large pieces sized for little kids. and around that circle was another puzzle, with much smaller/normal pieces. i'd never done one like this before.
4-10-15 photo 23555f13-5ace-44ba-942c-af9270d185bf_zpsxmcm6p8a.jpg

puppy stole my spot! the couch is a little low for the puzzle table so i have to prop my bum up with a few pillows to work at the table. and puppy climbed right on top of all those pillows. this is the face he gave me after i told him he stole my spot.
 photo 9eab5fa9-9a8e-4a29-baa8-8cb4845357d2_zpses87zu4b.jpg

Sunday, March 22, 2015

seedlings in march

tomatoes under the grow lights. the grow light bulb casts a slightly purple-ish light over everything.
3-28-15 photo 4b4d1b95-12a1-4d29-b482-2b46a6394ede_zpszmxkxgz6.jpg

watermelons and cantelope. the left side was all peanuts, but only one seed out of all of them sprouted this year. i guess the peanut seeds only work when fresh, not when 2-3 years old.
3-28-15 photo 8264ac84-a72d-49c3-a9ba-c4bee72bfd8a_zpsb9sjxzmz.jpg

nasturtiums on the left, more tomatoes on the right.
3-28-15 photo f0cec605-b3fb-471d-80a7-188c9d5abed1_zpsk82foouo.jpg

i'll be making sauce this year so i need lots of tomatoes. i planted 3 varieties. amish paste, mortgage lifter, and some cherry tomatoes that my brother saved seeds from and gave to me for xmas.
3-28-15 photo ef900e06-4514-4056-99cf-4e4c760ba604_zpsesc7epdj.jpg

seedlings: purple coneflower, blackeyed susan, coreopsis, calendula, canterbury bells, stevia, jicama, celeriac, endive, and basil.
3-28-15 photo fd89d1ec-91f6-494d-bd62-3695d403b8f6_zpsrkahtvsy.jpg

grow light setup with all my seedlings
3-28-15 photo a436ec9e-724e-4686-959e-970fe8fa291d_zpsohwyhi2t.jpg

the seedlings that stayed out in the greenhouse: broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, and bunny tails ornamental grass.
3-28-15 photo 060393fa-27aa-46d1-a434-b1cd85cfc5b7_zps6wcxvgxr.jpg

Thursday, March 19, 2015

the picture that caused me so much woe!

the dogs were extra rowdy so i thought i'd take them out on the tricycle bike. but then i got this great idea to take a picture of them while we were riding! not a great idea.

they tipped me over while i was trying to take the picture, holding onto the handlebars with only one hand. i fell and skinned both my palms, one knee, and my forehead. and scratched up my camera. and my bike was a little wonky, the fender was rubbing, but was able to be bent back to shape. i managed to get back up, looked at my palms, tried not to freak out, put my poor abused camera in my pocket, turned the bike around, and the dogs pulled me back to the house completely under their own super power.

one palm and my knee were very badly skinned. the other palm is only lightly skinned, and my forehead is scraped, but doesnt look like the skin is broken. its just red, not bleeding. it was very very painful to clean the palms. i used up all the big bandages i have. the roommate drove me to the store to get more extra big sized bandages. this took a long time to heal. and i managed to sprain my knee pretty badly. its the same knee i screwed up years ago in a different fall.

this is the stupid picture i took of the dogs running while hooked up to harnesses and a bungee leash to my bike. seconds after this picture the handlebars turned, the bike tipped, and i fell.
3-28-15 photo 739fb6a5-627e-46e1-96e8-7fe271dc9b73_zpsp3w6ikvd.jpg

results of falling off the bike. right hand
3-28-15 photo 55de37cd-4d95-466a-98d5-de11bf09f871_zpsgdbkydg3.jpg

there was just no good way to bandage this hand. every time i bent or moved my hand, the bandages pulled away and unstuck themselves from my hand.
3-28-15 photo 5b4e1d64-3608-4273-9e9b-9585d5cf3d2f_zps6efnojbo.jpg

a length of gauze helped keep the stupid bandage on.
 photo 2c453379-ed14-4c44-b0cb-dff3a4b2faa3_zps909ksxvc.jpg

i experimented different ways to tie the gauze with each bandage change.
3-28-15 photo dffb4fbc-5bbd-429a-868d-3c3ffadabc35_zps4pbv5sxk.jpg

left hand, a week into healing. it was more of a long narrow cut than skinned palm. this cut pulled open every time i opened my hand/spread my fingers too much.
3-28-15 photo 8643c140-0346-4018-9f54-4656daf92b72_zpsozv6pmgo.jpg

this is the configuration of bandages that worked best to stay on and keep it covered. took lots of trial and error to get this simple thing figured out.
3-28-15 photo 96c07732-6331-4ad2-a533-f6ac4832365d_zpsqkubkl34.jpg

the extra big bandages, i went thru two boxes of these things.
3-28-15 photo a46121dd-7f41-4df7-823b-f7089e592cdd_zpset3fqry5.jpg

this one weeped and weeped and weeped, it ended up being much deeper than it appeared and took the longest to heal.
3-28-15 photo 08a8ef27-7157-4d3a-b0ea-21d7dfeae881_zpsm3ayeyti.jpg

two weeks into healing, the scraped skin around it is all scabbed over, but the deep gouge in the middle was much slower to heal. at this point the gouge is about an inch across, and the whole scrape is over two inches across.
3-28-15 photo b9a49a66-e7b4-462f-bedc-455462d2a266_zps0un1axar.jpg

the gouge took 6 weeks to heal up completely. by which time my palms' new pink skin was finally toughening up and losing its super sensitivity. the sprained knee is still sprained, but coming along nicely. took 2 months before i could kneel on it and then only very carefully. squatting is still troublesome. i also have trouble if i try to bring that heel up on top of my other knee like to put a sock on. twisting is bad. but last time i screwed this knee up it took over 6 months before it started feeling better, so i'm fine with babying it a little longer to make sure it gets as healed as it can.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

this is how i feel about getting out of bed in the mornings

thor, a great dane puppy, doesnt want to get up and tells you so. turn up your sound.

Sunday, March 15, 2015


mollys way of telling me she's starving
3-7-15 photo 28e600d4-d949-42cf-a7d5-a4e566f11af2_zpszfzy24dc.jpg

puppy, waiting patiently
3-7-15 photo 5036b855-7f98-475b-bafa-3fad1006a435_zps3h4irc1o.jpg

Saturday, March 14, 2015

blue cupcake baby afghan

this one went really quickly, it only took 16.5 hours. (my average is around 20 hours for baby afghans)
3-28-15 photo b77264a4-277d-45b5-84a5-f0ffa6138230_zpsawpfmymi.jpg

close up, you can see the cupcake pattern
3-28-15 photo 3084a995-3b22-4530-bfa3-ed4a63f86745_zpscwrghegh.jpg

blue cupcake baby afghan

this one went really quickly, it only took 16.5 hours. (my average is around 20 hours for baby afghans)
3-28-15 photo b77264a4-277d-45b5-84a5-f0ffa6138230_zpsawpfmymi.jpg

close up, you can see the cupcake pattern
3-28-15 photo 3084a995-3b22-4530-bfa3-ed4a63f86745_zpscwrghegh.jpg

Thursday, March 12, 2015

piece of tail

heres a nice piece of tail for you to chase!
3-7-15 photo 8dd8bfd6-14cc-4c4f-b4d4-fb467110387d_zpswsakvhaf.jpg

all stuffies must be ripped limb from limb. ears and tail first.
3-7-15 photo d0b65350-4e01-4cff-a773-6f691ec6b63a_zpsjsqak4zb.jpg

then they're all de-stuffed.
3-7-15 photo a1d1d601-b4dd-4eaa-8685-6d7ca418af55_zpsq43dhpy5.jpg

and if the stuffing isnt coming out fast enough, then puppy stands on the stuffy and rips its head off.
3-7-15 photo c2e4543b-505f-4b3e-aa77-f63e31e72a3f_zpstgevgmym.jpg

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

heater in the greenhouse

electricity to the greenhouse. the extension cord is plugged in inside the porch, out thru the doggy door.
3-28-15 photo de2a8f09-ee97-46eb-9dee-467bbbf27bd3_zpsxpmbzq3n.jpg

thru the gap down in the corner of the door
3-28-15 photo a50a6f68-f4a2-49bb-bd40-0e728cacc841_zps7mhuryk6.jpg

heavy duty extension cord, oil filled radiator heater, borrowed from my parents.
3-28-15 photo 141e6f99-bbd0-4458-967a-e36cab6044bd_zpskxitcz3k.jpg

a brief warm spell allowed me to have the baby seedlings out in the greenhouse for a few days.
3-28-15 photo 49b7410f-ae99-4cc7-b6bf-24ca0d394516_zpswhwgommx.jpg

then it got cold again and most got moved back inside under the grow lights. only the cold loving plants stayed out.
3-28-15 photo f27b6016-59d5-4c86-96fa-2b1b54542ce7_zps711urmgy.jpg

but for a rare few days, it was warmer in the greenhouse than in the house.
3-28-15 photo 21120f9d-492b-412a-ac07-4f0bb74a099e_zpsdcorxxtn.jpg

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sunday, March 8, 2015

is it me you're looking for?

saw this in the store and had to try it. chocolate strawberry cheesecake.
"hello, my name is strawberry cheesecake, is it me you're looking for? nice to sweet you."
3-7-15 photo 044448af-f9d1-4b5f-8e3c-6d138315d524_zps2jmm5de9.jpg

i'd totally eat it again, except it was kinda expensive. but fun to try.
3-7-15 photo 07f3dfdd-6caf-4358-bb2b-40e59d90cb56_zpsxmcpix6y.jpg