Monday, February 24, 2014

more snow melting off the greenhouse roof

pictures from 1-24 to 2-24. not all from the same day, just random days where the snow and ice looked kinda interesting as it piled up and melted off.

 photo 180b2dbe-f654-4c10-b8a6-494c1726ec38_zps3eb86b94.jpg

 photo e7408f71-f513-4f69-8f2e-bb1ca7dcd4a5_zps588ee4cf.jpg

 photo 8d2783c7-d526-43e6-a30e-9de3e803e534_zps3a694d61.jpg

 photo 08edf82e-2ac0-4bbe-bfa9-1b507de0ae49_zps165aa495.jpg

as it melts, it curls around
 photo 4ea290ed-f6e7-4e78-bf4b-0c3a11305039_zps71776f36.jpg

 photo 68088679-0745-47bf-b8a1-23510f402866_zps11f50c71.jpg

 photo c612d61c-3b06-46dc-8d09-8db1596bbaa1_zps73b24aff.jpg

 photo 0ed1cb34-4b8c-4e7a-8dc0-fd6163a12cfb_zps531b1e42.jpg

 photo e891e922-4d69-439e-ba72-046845bf17d2_zpse15a2258.jpg

 photo 55cd2bb3-8cb8-4010-9fd2-429e79732a22_zps044e9cd7.jpg

view of the overhanging snow from inside the greenhouse looking out
 photo f9b229f8-c857-4ce3-8eae-950631b0a35f_zpsbb6c68de.jpg

on a nice sunny day that got up to nearly 40 outside, it was 60 in the greenhouse!
 photo 72afc14a-5356-458f-8ac1-4ffd67f0a200_zpseda90f02.jpg

 photo ce495baa-cdef-4d6a-bb42-f2dad4e84b44_zpsa22a4c6b.jpg

 photo ccf1b2aa-9346-4452-a347-284187d21e60_zps2619170f.jpg

i wish i could have gotten this to focus with the icicles
 photo eaaf1e3a-d212-4cab-a905-2819c260d27b_zps54ca7c9a.jpg

 photo 7aa3b40b-cc95-4272-bc99-69a0735dda2d_zps7657d715.jpg

 photo e3310b5c-bc1e-42d9-813f-6f9653f0d4ae_zps44218a34.jpg

i hate bunnies!

just a little snow
 photo 15845718-d1b6-4ab6-85ce-15ed01dcbde4_zps8df54ea1.jpg

ok, not a little
 photo 8de4771d-5f1e-4a9d-8709-c2f557f07b77_zps2650ee77.jpg

so much snow
 photo b4ef2db1-95d2-4918-baa0-0f8e9e1d9717_zpsf0cdde8a.jpg

the snow is up to the top of the tree trunks. parker pear tree.
 photo 557e4408-37c0-4820-be66-5f7732d04bc9_zps7dfb06a7.jpg

luscious pear tree buried in snow, and surrounded by little brown bunny poop from the evil bunnies that, thanks to the snow, managed to reach the lower branches and chew all the buds off! i've no idea how much damage they've truly done but they were able to reach 3 of the 4 trees and i fear i will lose some of the lower branches entirely. only spring will tell.
 photo e09a2d40-a2ad-4738-8a2d-41c03ea73190_zpsfdd5933b.jpg

i had to shovel out the pear trees to keep the bunnies from doing further damage. and the snow was so deep that i sunk up to thigh and waist deep with every step. when i fell over, i put my arm down to help push me up, but my arm just sank thru the snow as well. i was thoroughly exhausted by the time i finished.
 photo 416010fb-839f-45f7-81e0-80fd1760f66e_zps0f3b9544.jpg

the other two pear trees are a little taller and werent buried so deeply with extra snow from the driveway and street.
2-24-14 photo 91343321-39f7-46dd-a958-3324888ccfe0_zpsa40ef129.jpg

my garden. thats a 3 foot tall fence.
 photo ff93427c-29dd-435f-8ae3-6a0140cd3aed_zpsb3e1a892.jpg

my backyard bordering the neighbors driveway. that red thing is the top of the neighbors car. that mesh fence is 6 feet tall! i have to shovel the snow away from that corner so the dogs cant just walk right over and escape.
 photo 14865bc8-6245-4b68-9e85-7ff72dd30785_zpsb5fddb3e.jpg

snow is taller than the trash and recycling bins
 photo 266901be-5e52-4b65-87ae-b9513e161a42_zps85e1b3bb.jpg

puppy barking at me, wanting me to play keep-away with his tennis balls
 photo e80bc71b-9f4e-43d6-aaa0-4ea8bf582b8f_zpsa53d620b.jpg

molly chewing on a stick
 photo a1948ba0-698f-4484-83e0-f9d4a6096657_zps4119cd19.jpg

happy doggy trails to you
 photo e6a351da-6cff-454b-aab5-96c59c3bf8a2_zps5d39a582.jpg

Thursday, February 20, 2014

pruning pear trees in february

luscious pear tree before winter pruning, and after
 photo 0b900835-a59a-4ad0-81b6-4dd1b6614580_zpse9df4acd.jpg photo 670e2775-96ac-4022-b08f-cd81f88a763e_zps14ec35c9.jpg
hrm, cant see any difference. but i did prune branches away!

parker pear tree before, and after pruning
 photo d1085747-276b-4128-b1e2-25011538d863_zps4b8a2e3d.jpg photo 4836e16d-2dda-4de3-845f-3a5d00c05b85_zps39ef4bcb.jpg
you can see i thinned out around the center and to the center left. i did a LOT of pruning on this tree. i'm bummed it isnt that clear in these pictures.

summercrisp pear tree before pruning and after
 photo 24d589fb-fe22-4f21-9491-b58ac4dd63ba_zps4764a7e5.jpg photo c247bb79-9fb6-4752-b6c4-40fe11fae7a9_zps9f1a2346.jpg
nope cant hardly tell anything changed here. i really did prune!

patten pear tree before and after pruning
 photo 2b5ab723-12c7-4f9a-93f9-e419decd2da1_zps94c7cdf3.jpg photo db1a21cc-53e3-48c8-8d60-560375e500c0_zps65790774.jpg
there wasnt much to prune on this runt of the litter.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

I sewed a blanket sheet thingy

for xmas i made my dad a blanket sheet thingy. see, he's running cold and mom is running warm. he wants more blankets on the bed, she wants less. they tried just putting blankets on his half, but when he rolls around in his sleep, they just fall off. either off the bed, or off him onto my mom. my mom was complaining about not being able to make blankets stay on his side of the bed, so i came up with the idea to sew half a blanket to half a sheet. then it would be tucked in place all the way across the bed, and unlikely to become dislodged. mom thought it sounded like a good idea, so i made it.

but there was an extra wrinkle. my dad is allergic to dogs. and my house is home Puppy and Molly, and thus also home to lots of dog fur. so i had nowhere i could lay this out flat to work on it without getting dog fur on it.

i resorted to using a clothing rack thing i hang clothes on to dry, and draped everything over that. it was metal, and appeared dog fur free.

i bought a twin size comforter and twin size sheet. my parents bed is queen size, not king size, so i had to cut the comforter down to fit (a king size bed is the size of two twin size mattresses). i looked up on the internet what the measurements of a queen size mattress was, and what the measurements of queen size blankets and flat sheets were. according to those measurements, i then cut off a foot of extra comforter.
12-13 photo 79b50c0c-4c16-469c-9ece-21a256450561_zps518593f7.jpg

sewing the edge closed on the comforter was not fun. once i cut the extra piece off, i then had to go and cut an extra inch off of the comforter batting in order to have enough material to be able to sew the edge closed. but it was just an edge, and easy enough to wrangle thru the sewing machine. for the sheet, i didnt cut off the extra foot off. i figured its thin enough, i can just overlap the extra. for future reference, it would have been easier if i'd just cut it off tho. i then needed to lay out and line up the edges, without exposing anything to dog fur. so over the rack everything went.
12-13 photo a2d53e46-3f15-4e93-a153-66676bd00e37_zps4a070532.jpg

there was a lot of crouching and ducking under to get everything lined up and overlapping the same amount and then pinned right.
12-13 photo 3ee16afe-31b9-4474-afb9-3932d66c8a3c_zpsda520343.jpg

then wrangling the whole thing thru the sewing machine. it was a challenge, sewing down the middle with all the comforter on one side and all the sheet on the other.
12-13 photo 6d56a0e0-6d4f-4b86-a933-b59b545e9728_zps6bb53ed8.jpg

i had to roll up the sheet to make it small enough to be out of the way under the machine arm.
12-13 photo 34b5d628-6ecf-48a9-b41c-b889e1cbd94b_zps001a1870.jpg

here is a picture of it on their bed that dad took for me. its kinda hard to see the seam with both the comforter and the sheet being navy blue. so my dad folded down the edge to show the more visible seam on the back of the comforter
12-13 photo 187d5268-197d-417e-9edb-eeb90e0dd328_zps579696e9.jpg

its apparently working quite well for them, especially with these extra cold days we've been having this winter.