Monday, June 29, 2015

my poor broken kindle

broken kindle
7-6-15 photo 5746543b-cae8-4321-b4eb-a72372b1660c_zpsfi7xzsbr.jpg

7-6-15 photo b73675e4-6b62-4ef7-9def-11ef0db5e9c0_zpsoad5ffcb.jpg

cant even turn it sideways, its still missing too much text to read.
7-6-15 photo 33a7d572-6d63-4bf1-8a51-9e433a2dda93_zpsstnkqarh.jpg

the screen saver shows the missing sections too
7-6-15 photo 78d8f407-fc23-49c7-b2d6-b328e42a7447_zpssohy1p69.jpg

even with the power off, you can see something is wrong with those sections
7-6-15 photo 7305a11a-eb0f-445b-a770-e5303ab52b63_zps9aiyayz2.jpg

Sunday, June 28, 2015


the hive that appeared in my new, partially filled raised bed garden. i came across it accidentally while scooping up shredded leaves to use as mulch.
7-6-15 photo 3c7e70fd-aa3f-4037-804a-4eda7195cfb7_zps3nbsx5gm.jpg

as close up as i could get of the wasps
7-6-15 photo 22f80d15-c3c6-4b4c-af0c-dda2ccc31681_zpsvdlgrpyr.jpg

from farther away
7-6-15 photo 4ddebe7a-9521-41bd-8eee-2e4745babf96_zpstjsq5qsh.jpg

towards the bottom right you can see a bunch of wasps buzzing about.
7-6-15 photo 683824f3-d495-4f73-8b97-efeff9014663_zpstybrprnf.jpg

bonus picture of molly diligently watching out the front window. with nose prints all over the window. you never know when those pesky bunnies will come out and need to be barked at!
molly watching out the front window (with nose prints on window)
7-6-15 photo 7d86f362-b3ad-47ab-9ff3-174076012909_zpsmrhtdrmy.jpg

Thursday, June 25, 2015

the pears are coming along

luscious pears
 photo e979fe68-87a1-47ea-a433-37c8ddc0ee50_zps3t5gzbds.jpg

parker pear
 photo 8e4e1fc8-e2d1-4111-afd1-64adc2788edf_zpsv22vpae9.jpg

summercrisp pears
 photo b755d9f3-a914-4a42-9fe6-c738a204f8c6_zpsdbjonv8p.jpg

patten pears
 photo 3b6233f1-edf4-4a12-88c2-de1df92f7aac_zpsr0nctjdc.jpg

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

bunny tail grass and front gardens

i'm really loving this bunny tail ornamental grass. its so cute!
 photo 5ce8284b-9bad-4db1-a80f-d35d55c49d1c_zpsw3pthecj.jpg

i dont know if they're perennials here or not. i would like them to be! it says they are for sure in USDA zones 8-11. but i'm in zone 4. it says they reseed themselves, but would the seeds survive a minnesota winter? i dont know. so it may well be only an annual up here.
 photo d381d692-5206-4c2e-9690-5f61cdada483_zpsmftoqpsa.jpg

the garden in front is coming along. the new daylilies all seem to be surviving.
 photo 7e4ff6a3-d0f0-4b07-9844-12c7078692dc_zpstjxzw3kc.jpg

the other garden out front
 photo fb2e247a-6362-4a55-807b-eea36f8df2dd_zpsm4zrqne1.jpg

the lamppost ring is nothing but dill that wont stop reseeding itself. and despite being seeded with at least 24 sunflower seeds, none of them made it. the bunnies chewed them all down. in this picture there are 3 seedlings, towards the right. but the bunnies got those too.
7-6-15 photo a5217fc7-13fc-4ccd-bbec-abf774ad4738_zpsolvalhwx.jpg

Monday, June 22, 2015

oriental ramen salad

i burned myself making this oriental salad that is a favorite in the family. this recipe comes from my aunt nanette. mmmm good stuff.

break up and brown the ramen in a pan with butter. smaller pieces are better. be careful not to burn them. discard the flavor packets or save to use in something else.
 photo 542103cf-fbc5-4208-bc5a-1d3105a43855_zpsmvsxelzd.jpg

mix up the dressing but dont put it on until ready to serve.
 photo 977974d2-975e-4653-b198-56e978ecf499_zpsezyaswgc.jpg

dump the cole slaw mix in a bowl
 photo ba498db4-b103-46d6-b82a-628e8f2d5024_zpsmjjkahke.jpg

add the browned ramen
 photo 4c6f925c-64e6-4d25-8678-b90471230fe7_zpsejibsxud.jpg

add the mandarin oranges
 photo 181ce6bf-0f71-4e74-b794-57a07be1f267_zpsyod2imij.jpg

add the dressing and mix it up. yummy yum. i love all the different crunchy textures.
 photo c82b5552-ad0b-4886-80ad-1c861dfc0666_zpsyrtntqz2.jpg

here's the recipe:

oriental salad
2 packages ramen noodles (any flavor, since the flavor packets are not used)
1/4 cup butter (1/2 stick)
1/2 cup almond slivers
16 ounce bag of shredded coleslaw mix (or shredded cabbage if you prefer)
11 oz. can mandarin oranges, drained well
1/2 cup oil (any oil is fine, olive, canola, vegetable whatever you have)
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
1/2 cup sugar
1 tablespoon soy sauce
1/3 cup green onions, diced. (5-6 of them)

1. Break up the uncooked ramen noodles into small pieces, the smaller the better.
2. Add the butter to a frying pan, and brown the noodles over medium heat. Watch carefully, stir often, and don't burn them! set aside to cool and keep separate until ready to serve.
3. Cut the white bulbs off the green onions and discard. Use the lighter green sections and chop/dice small. You can use the darker green parts if they're firm/fresh enough, but dont use any limp parts.
4. Whisk together the oil, vinegar, sugar, soy sauce, and onions until well mixed. Set aside and don't mix in until ready to serve, or everything will get soggy.

When ready to serve:
4. Combine the noodles, shredded cole slaw mix, mandarin oranges, and almond slivers. Stir to mix ingredients.
5. Shake the dressing up to remix the oil and vinegar, before pouring over the salad. Toss to cover evenly. You may want to hold back the last tablespoon or two of dressing until you see how well coated everything is. Sometimes there ends up being a little puddle of dressing in the bottom of the bowl, but sometimes not.

Sunday, June 21, 2015


my dad dug me up a clump of hostas from his, and i spread them out and planted them on the north side of my house. i'm not sure they'll all survive. when i split them apart, some of them broke off without very much root, but i planted them anyway.
 photo 4096590d-8413-4680-a304-3e47e41ca5d2_zpsjk66eaxj.jpg

 photo 17fc1e17-b0e2-43ab-83b7-4778f9cf12ad_zpso9kqvgof.jpg

 photo 62088a5d-f10d-4a1e-9dad-1358d2e40ecf_zpsnwmxgcld.jpg

Thursday, June 18, 2015

dog park pictures

there is a lovely large fenced in dog park in my suburb that the dogs really enjoy going to.

when you walk in, this is the right side of the park. you can see some of the fence, but then the tall grass starts. its either this tall grass, or other tall plants i've photographed, that keep irritating puppys eyes.
 photo a3a72188-38ea-4a33-abbd-d11e64c7d744_zpsbzziveuo.jpg

there is a great big hill. you can see the tall grass on the right, and the fence reappears towards the top of the hill.
 photo dedde4c0-b04e-4fef-90a1-669befb2b059_zps5gcx6gm3.jpg

there is a dog in that tall grass. all you can see is the tail.
 photo 8de415f3-0914-4ffb-90cd-67f186491928_zpsfzdvrrqk.jpg

puppys tail/rear end. head down sniffing stuff.
 photo f76e4b94-c564-48b4-8afa-03a80c0b3492_zpsnvu0dmsh.jpg

molly leaping out of the tall grass. she checked it out for a while, then leapfrogged her way back out.
 photo 4b0abebb-e96f-4c85-a2a9-2f3ebd95590d_zpsyby3aboa.jpg

the other side of the hill has really tall plants that the dogs just adore running thru.
 photo dd9957f8-234c-4f91-8aea-757d576a6dcb_zps8ebnniq4.jpg

its a little swampy out beyond the fence, cattails grow there. and theres a pond a little farther down.
 photo 0f20347b-2a55-482c-a40b-3ba76f385f77_zpserrbrr2t.jpg

view of the back half of the park, from partway up the hill. the park is fully fenced in.
 photo 839b3429-8646-4e33-9d6c-f4c133a6aeae_zpsmns1a41z.jpg

front half of the park
 photo 37c4e567-9c12-4afc-bb99-02635cd58f49_zpsqlpamnkw.jpg

these are the super tall plants on the right. thats puppy in front of them.
 photo c2ec9601-80f1-4292-960c-c89f714361b8_zps5p3zu5u7.jpg

can you see puppy in there? right in the middle. that stuff is over twice as tall as he is.
 photo 7c500283-1818-4a1e-8f89-662f0c16c999_zps9k8nftkd.jpg

close up of the leaves. they're 5 lobed. whatever it is, it dies back to the ground each winter, leaving tall hollow reeds. then grows up just as tall the next year. anyone have any ideas?
 photo 942c3468-e5af-4f4e-a4c1-0097d16d09e8_zps76mwdre7.jpg

theres also nettle in there.
 photo b3e8c229-c7d7-428b-bfde-fd6b31deac2f_zpsgsc89juf.jpg

standing in the back half of the park, looking at the hill
 photo a83ae078-22ce-4d0a-a2fc-4f7ab01efc11_zpsrocwvbqw.jpg

standing in the back, facing the front. its a really large dog park.
 photo 0913cd6d-8ef2-4608-8f11-1c833e75fbc0_zpsinly45or.jpg

happy puppy! well on his way to being worn out. see how far that tongue is hanging out!
 photo 49eda54f-92f4-4772-958d-205031ec88e7_zpscak4h9lh.jpg

there are 5 picnic tables scattered about. thats my bag, chuckit, and jug of water on the right. unfortunately some idiots litter and leave behind their water or jugs (under the table) despite the fact that there are garbage bins scattered around. they leave cigarette butts too. i try to pick those up when i see them because i've known some dogs who try to eat them.
 photo c425da68-0daa-4e63-8926-12ec82f37913_zpspmshfpab.jpg

run molly run
 photo 0ea90b13-ca7d-475f-ba87-3f0336173c94_zpsiovsnq1a.jpg

the city supplies dog poop bags at the entrance (and garbage cans scattered around inside the park), but sometimes the bags run out. so helpful dog park people leave bags of plastic bags tied to the fences or trees in various places.
 photo 6383be59-46ca-4592-b71c-b2c7cd26a93b_zps4vtdvjrx.jpg

puppy taking a pit stop at his water bowl. nearly worn out, but not quite
 photo 0ce4b251-1508-4601-8034-16a3d7f00821_zpslbovld5b.jpg

molly is still going
 photo d14bbfab-8ac1-429b-a346-cff8f7d6dbc9_zpsij7crxdi.jpg

picture of the hill from up front near the entrance. you can see the shadow of the large overhead lights. the park is lit up at night and in winter.
 photo 37db5bce-87d2-4e96-9300-63950b7837a6_zps63tenvra.jpg

after another 10-15 minutes of running around, we have touchdown. puppy lays down at the water bowl and is done now. all worn out. not getting up.
 photo 13beb948-edc8-4aa5-93a4-f7f89286b0b3_zpsrvl4swfw.jpg

happy puppy, panting hard
 photo a5ce2568-e523-42a5-931f-c26f8108ee28_zps1btymnoe.jpg

molly by the entrance. there are two gates around the corner behind the trash can. you can see where the excited dogs wear a constant path running right into the park
 photo 42b88bcd-528d-41cf-8a9c-deca4d1d15a5_zpssln8rhdb.jpg

molly could probably have run around a bit more, but once puppy lays down and is done, she doesnt venture very far. so we go home.
7-6-15 photo b4db7b18-6a9e-4041-bbbe-d9263e10412c_zpssxtz0kso.jpg