Saturday, November 29, 2014

some puppy pictures

puppy says come on, try to take the ball, just try!
11-11-14 photo 188fd255-578d-4b15-8e9d-de75ddcc6ce1_zps273c144f.jpg

hahaha! mine!
11-11-14 photo 322a4e86-77bc-4830-a369-81c9c55656d4_zps77df3486.jpg

i'm a model you know what i mean
11-11-14 photo f3e42a0a-ea00-427d-85b2-92a04e697057_zpsac552576.jpg

and i do my little turn on the - OH get this damn thing off me
11-11-14 photo b05c992c-72e0-4775-b447-c3b83a845b15_zpsd334809d.jpg

molly didnt appreciate the leaf either
11-11-14 photo 23b12b4f-034f-434b-b19d-bbe6e2a466d6_zps574c0e90.jpg

whatcha got there?
11-11-14 photo dc3622bd-a0ea-4218-be1b-ac14e5ee6e5b_zpsed09ace9.jpg

BALL! ballballballballball! blarghalarghalarghalargha!
11-11-14 photo 73b858db-141c-4a05-be03-402409f7a837_zps9302b59b.jpg

hey! get your bag off my ball!
11-11-14 photo ceb12196-7393-468b-b7b8-4299b098474a_zps6811274d.jpg

bark bark bark! these are my balls! bark bark bark!
11-11-14 photo 1626ce7a-3508-4758-ad71-df21481ce6dd_zpsacdafe45.jpg

molly is barking at me too
11-11-14 photo fd6080d2-46b6-4c7e-8f0f-adc121a63387_zps4a11ccae.jpg

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

sweetpea and aloe plants

sweetpea vs carrot shreds
11-11-14 photo d3b53b0a-4afc-4e05-a44b-5bda7ba0173a_zpsac3b166e.jpg

she cant eat whole carrots, they're too big and hard for her to bite thru. but she enjoys carrots. and now the grocery store by me carries little bags of julienned carrots, which are perfect for her (and easy to add to various meals i make)
11-11-14 photo a628a0b1-f9a4-432a-9d63-9de3c0523923_zps022948a1.jpg

my aloe plants have lots of babies, so i pull them out and stick them in their own pot for a year. i always need fresh aloe. its good for burns!
11-11-14 photo d9fd29b6-08be-4b74-82c3-8e89744db6f9_zps1fec1c65.jpg

then after a year i stick them in in the tortoise enclosure
11-11-14 photo f4a4cd0d-89b6-4151-83c3-1f629a2eceda_zps66af9053.jpg

the tortoise eats and crawls all over them
11-11-14 photo 97ce4230-9c8a-4d8a-a2bc-9422804a01b9_zps373088aa.jpg

my mother aloe plants, the oldest ones i currently have. not the original one tho, that one fell over. it was growing sideways and tipped the pot over. and since i have had plenty of healthy exuberant aloe babies over the years, no sense in keeping an uncooperative one.
11-11-14 photo a9efe01d-08f7-4b83-8d33-ab0d412b2e2f_zps4ef7fa71.jpg

this years babies. they're a duller color because they were out in the greenhouse getting much much stronger sun. they greened up within days of being brought indoors for the winter.
11-11-14 photo e8f920f6-03d3-46b5-b2b2-94067aee0c6b_zps24fdd27c.jpg

aloe is the only houseplant i can keep alive. i'm a great OUTDOOR gardener. indoors i tend to forget and neglect and kill off houseplants. aloe thrives on neglect. only remember to water it once a month? thats fine! its happy! i can succeed with my spring seedlings because its only just two months, and its daily planting, tending, and repotting. every day there is something more to plant or pot or water or do SOMETHING to. its a constant. not like houseplants which are too easily forgotten. and after only two months, then all the seedlings go outdoors and everything is as it should be.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

the many faces of molly

eeeeehehehehe - molly in the leaves
11-11-14 photo 0595b16b-9fed-4b78-b555-afa7945a80e0_zpsafff2210.jpg

how can you resist the cute of molly?
11-11-14 photo 728b4fe1-682e-49ad-9c53-a88f5df9f496_zps19f12404.jpg

coy molly?
11-11-14 photo de5cb942-dce9-4926-9071-4ca75e6d3e7e_zpsac36d688.jpg

molly, half buried
11-11-14 photo f01f7734-939f-4aed-b31f-9a66997b21a8_zps2eb86f27.jpg

serious molly is serious
11-11-14 photo f26e6e6e-50b9-43ab-9615-d1afa994753a_zps23aad0a0.jpg

goofy molly is goofy
11-11-14 photo 5f9843e8-b536-4775-98c9-2f6041281e1d_zps912c209f.jpg

and wiggly
11-11-14 photo bb0faf34-000f-4b26-958a-47a9311ee8d9_zpsfbdf734d.jpg

and silly
11-11-14 photo 3784c346-4b35-49a4-917b-b393ba779ff2_zpsed2db8c4.jpg

wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah
11-11-14 photo d5abe976-6e7e-46dc-a6f6-ce611cc168ed_zps36c61007.jpg

i mean what are the leaves for if not rolling in
11-11-14 photo 0f5396e7-95a7-47c3-80b6-7ed96998e161_zps20e240e7.jpg

happy molly
11-11-14 photo a9a0c757-0c34-46cb-8f11-2c1d7df894ee_zps011a90c0.jpg

11-11-14 photo 2f325245-e5e1-49a0-baa8-fc6fddf505c4_zpsc8279b05.jpg

these would have made fabulous xmas cards, except i've already done the dogs in the leaves.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

a really neat picture/piece of art

 photo tumblr_ne3uktnEO21qdt6e2o3_1280_zpsb4e045ad.jpg

temporary art from budapest. more pictures here

Thursday, November 13, 2014

cake mix fudge

cake batter fudge

it was pretty good actually! i'll definitely make it again. its dense and only takes a little bit to satisfy.

11-11-14 photo 2d1ff9f5-2173-4e80-ac6e-98fc6c4ab809_zps0db3343e.jpg
i used cherry chip cake mix instead of yellow cake, real milk, and no sprinkles.


1 cup yellow cake mix
1 cup confectioners’ sugar
1/2 stick (1/4 cup) butter or margarine, cut into small squares
1/4 cup milk or 1/8 cup soy milk
sprinkles (optional)

Mix cake mix and icing sugar in microwave-safe bowl. Add butter and milk. Don’t stir.

Microwave for 2 minutes. Stir immediately until completely combined. Add optional sprinkles. Do not overmix as sprinkle color may bleed.

Spread into greased pan or use parchment paper. Refrigerate for at least one hour.

* Makes one 6 x 6” container, or double for an 8 x 8” pan.
** Notes: If the batter comes out too runny, stir in about 1 tsp or sugar or cake mix at a time until stiff. If too thick to stir in all components, slowly add 1/2 tsp of milk at a time, but batter should be thick like dough!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

dollhouse furniture

dollhouse furniture kit that i put together. each room came in two flat punch cut sheets of thin wood.
11-11-14 photo c3c6e67f-ba58-426e-bf21-95e15fc0c8a8_zpsbdf50226.jpg

carefully punch out the pieces
11-11-14 photo 92e1227d-d58d-4110-aad6-d504165b6b77_zps1a283ddc.jpg

and glue everything together - living room
11-11-14 photo b518c19f-0035-483d-a9ca-46a9fb8b77e7_zps8aa9b573.jpg

dig thru national geographic magazine for a small picture to glue to the picture frame
11-11-14 photo 3fa03a90-cd6e-443b-865d-ea9dd0fffee9_zpsdc1f7b42.jpg

11-11-14 photo c5eda04d-2c1f-4d85-ae0c-369cf15603c8_zpsc3324a23.jpg

11-11-14 photo 379d94de-aa9d-481a-8c8e-16332eb2d068_zps7148f4dc.jpg

whats leftover after punching out two rooms of furniture
11-11-14 photo 6b2f0514-3ff3-4858-8156-98395f6d30e7_zps6823de3a.jpg

11-11-14 photo 57e2638c-0dcb-4302-9196-e224c044bf70_zps609d43ce.jpg

11-11-14 photo 222db08e-d86d-4b8b-84fb-57e7ab4e04a1_zps50d72843.jpg

dining room
11-11-14 photo 53efe63f-dbe4-4c9e-9fc5-74a55f73d578_zps216f0209.jpg

stain the furniture
11-11-14 photo c98b394e-8b1f-4232-85e4-6dae1c69c0d1_zps6ee6df6d.jpg

more stain. there were two different types of wood, one turned more golden, one more red.
11-11-14 photo a8c8b7b5-e25f-4ff0-aaa2-ac6f5ec4f32f_zps3c060321.jpg

the piano came with a keyboard print i cut out and glued in place
11-11-14 photo 54653aaf-5f0e-4b47-b117-f9ed685c0f68_zps1856ba35.jpg

the clock came with a clock face to cut out. i found more pictures from national geographic. the flash washed out the mountain scene. its prettier than it looks there.
11-11-14 photo 3caa62f4-bb76-4f4f-a632-6bb45723b040_zpsc98a1e1c.jpg

some of the furniture seemed a bit flimsy so i added in some extra support pieces from the leftovers.
11-11-14 photo de07c575-9c37-4d96-809d-d6136209c48a_zps8e226d70.jpg

making cushions from the cardboard cut-outs that were included in the kit
11-11-14 photo 31b5271b-5e91-4718-960f-495ce47ee6a0_zps348596c0.jpg

11-11-14 photo 61dbe82f-0774-478e-b5a3-9938159c3bf1_zps2b4e1ace.jpg

glued those in place
11-11-14 photo f9b61565-7f30-42dd-84ec-cdf661257554_zps999c8e63.jpg

i made a blanket/bedspread too
11-11-14 photo 9408f128-62fa-4829-82e9-46d4ba997aa4_zpsab43998d.jpg

finished living room
11-11-14 photo 286dc402-0eab-4b2f-abcb-1780254f5b01_zps3734810b.jpg

finished library
11-11-14 photo 941c4863-2d2c-4808-a58b-b8eb0325fc4d_zps5e547111.jpg

finished bedroom
11-11-14 photo 0c0bebf7-c3e1-4dbd-a018-ffc364d68a46_zps00e2bc67.jpg

finished dining room
11-11-14 photo 0ccb15af-93d3-468a-9b00-4e19c186448a_zps0e7aa730.jpg

finished bathroom
11-11-14 photo aeb28dde-dc4a-41f3-b49a-45fddaacf3fa_zpseb834cd7.jpg

tub and sink have drain holes
11-11-14 photo d4408cd7-6d1f-49a2-bb73-a59af7ffba60_zps4e371311.jpg

finished kitchen
11-11-14 photo 15cdd295-3586-469f-8351-3b47a75e926d_zps3554b3cc.jpg

stove burners and kitchen sink drain
11-11-14 photo 9d0f764b-9623-4b2d-af45-7fde04b3d185_zpsa837fb8e.jpg

there was only one bed, but most dollhouses have a whole family of people, mom dad boy girl and baby. so i used the leftovers and made a bunkbed. it always pissed me off when i was little and playing with my dollhouse that i didnt have beds for everyone.
11-11-14 photo 98c222f1-fa13-4517-b9e9-3b42f592cf11_zps508cda2d.jpg

and i made mattresses and pillows
11-11-14 photo 5bc36273-7c52-4f57-a182-1e182fcaaf05_zps0ea1abaa.jpg

and blanket/bedspreads
11-11-14 photo f9bc5adc-6846-42ed-8d44-8008a4a03224_zpse90fcef7.jpg