Tuesday, July 29, 2014

last pear thinning

thinned 5 more pears from the luscious tree. last thinning. only 13 pears left on the luscious tree. they are still the smallest of all four different trees.
8-18-14 photo a6577dea-bcdf-4211-a343-37bda34473f9_zps2fc22ca0.jpg

Saturday, July 26, 2014

a little bit of everything

thinned 5 more luscious pears off the tree. they're only 1" long. down to 18 on that tree.
7-28-14 photo c3eb6221-a32f-41af-b97f-9c6a9112a2cc_zps1da826d9.jpg

the first green beans of the season
7-28-14 photo 96b51c30-e558-4b7f-8cc6-ec0685561a92_zps4a4b9767.jpg

new pushbutton doorknob lock from the garage to the backyard. i'm always finding myself locked out of this door without the key, wanting to get from the backyard into the garage. then i have to go around thru the porch into the house and back out thru the garage. then i end up forgetting i unlocked it and leaving the stupid door unlocked. this way i can get in and out easily, keep the door locked, and not be so frustrated at being locked out again.
7-28-14 photo cf2c14f3-16da-40a1-a73b-edcd02154634_zps6848239a.jpg

the first zucchini i harvested. i got 7 cups of shredded zucchini out of this one.
7-28-14 photo d4283c95-c737-4c8f-8804-f0ef468e6450_zps9278fbb0.jpg

the three sedum i bought this year. two are doing great, the bottom one seemed to be dying, but then put up new leaves in the middle.
7-28-14 photo 85266df5-bee9-4108-89b3-ca34f3a1dc7a_zps2abd39e4.jpg

homemade strawberry pie (in a store bought shortbread crumb crust, like a graham cracker crust, but better for strawberries)
8-18-14 photo fb3592ea-ab1f-434e-adda-5c812001561b_zps0610c85a.jpg

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

harvesting rye

i harvested the rye. pulled it out by the roots, dragged it over to the shade, and used a scissors to chop off the heads.
7-28-14 photo c5fa3579-7f64-42b7-a96f-2f09b66cd12a_zps500aa212.jpg

puppy came to investigate while i was trying to take a picture
7-28-14 photo e9ef70f1-7ce9-4891-8848-2f7d0551071c_zpsfc60f590.jpg

7-28-14 photo 8247f6f9-c3d1-438a-92cf-c0b960c41cd7_zps9c37d505.jpg

my old camera wasnt cooperating, this was as close up as i could take a photo. i'd have liked to get a REAL close up of the seeds as they stuck out of the husk at the time when they were good and ready. something to reference if i grow rye again. but i couldnt.
7-28-14 photo 0acb82e3-b01f-4b06-9102-b150a54b6a67_zps541ab73d.jpg

after, i laid the stems back over where they were grown, to help prevent weeds from sprouting. this is only about half the stalks, the rest went in my compost bin.
7-28-14 photo 532a7496-8ee2-4945-80a4-a51c9d69b168_zps9ecfa630.jpg

the rye seed i harvested. this was as close up as my old camera could get.
7-28-14 photo ef96dfaf-4b67-4486-8f17-5883cdc1ff56_zps6deeaefd.jpg

the jar on the left is a quart size canning jar. picture from my dads camera since the buttons on mine werent working
7-28-14 photo 222d88d2-fe9b-488c-bdc8-c95b40961325_zpsc99db8b9.jpg

Thursday, July 17, 2014

mid july pictures

close up of zucchini flower
7-28-14 photo 9f5b9942-3773-4ab4-aa77-71dda3a3208d_zps1996e515.jpg

raised bed garden, sugar beets down in front, ground cherries on left, zucchini on right,
7-28-14 photo 3af4301f-a29a-4c2b-9f5a-c97bf7c952f7_zps2a393e83.jpg

7-28-14 photo 46515594-a686-4bae-86c9-df1f4091be61_zps012a8816.jpg

7-28-14 photo 607b52bf-7696-4c7a-9f09-940997ac455d_zps5fc8d32c.jpg

more sunflower pictures. you can see the heads forming
7-28-14 photo 01d515d1-f248-4194-811f-58a2689049c3_zps3516b431.jpg

sugar beets starting to get big
7-28-14 photo dc5200c9-6999-4655-8159-2f8bf48778f8_zpsf9d5fd10.jpg

the monster volunteer sunflower, and the zucchini behind it
7-28-14 photo 84b22a71-e90e-426f-a363-dad0ed46ee92_zpsb9a71107.jpg

it has 6 heads! and it kept growing more! i had to start pulling the extra heads off so it'd put energy into the ones it already has.
7-28-14 photo 445a8305-709c-485d-b93c-cb195ccb426d_zpscea63253.jpg

tomatoes. these 'iron lady' must be determinate. they're SO SHORT compared to indeterminate amish paste tomatoes i'm used to growing.
7-28-14 photo abdad2fc-a6bc-4e6e-b90d-3d6d5c9d843f_zpsba303cfe.jpg

the end of the peas
7-28-14 photo c198021f-e0c8-4ef3-9147-83af27e58c3d_zps6289f5df.jpg

the two metal trellises i got to shore up the mesh trellis that slid down under the weight of the beans
7-28-14 photo 70a05a04-fbed-41ac-af7d-01f283ce84cc_zps0887673a.jpg

i planted some purple coneflowers for my dad. the seed packet said to start in summer. well i did, and they're just not doing much of anything. over a month along here in this photo.
7-28-14 photo 4c921284-789d-4fc0-965f-d17a9dbaf13b_zps3b81261f.jpg

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

MORE pear thinning

parker pears
7-28-14 photo 8e097ec6-23f4-4b33-aefe-1d37855e7b5e_zpsd6f5059b.jpg

17 more parker removed - 39 remain
12 more luscious removed - 26 remain

this time i thinned to 6" between each pear.

i still think i need to thin the luscious more. think the parker might be ok now.

with all i've taken off the parker tree, it looks like the tree had closer to 218 pears to start with rather than the 179 i thought i counted. its HARD counting the pears on the trees.

the luscious tree was closer. i thought i had around 65 to start with, looks like it might have been 79 or so.

parker pear tree
7-28-14 photo e4924ba2-3a5d-4dcc-8cd6-f90f95d3ba71_zps93d8632f.jpg

summercrisp pear tree
7-28-14 photo 9e3a8e0d-450d-4eb0-a583-aace7ae336fa_zps58b87abb.jpg

summercrisp pears
7-28-14 photo 5e4d2b4c-ce43-46e4-9367-10bf2b159923_zps38f68083.jpg

patten pear tree
7-28-14 photo 5da95ff3-2259-4b10-a0a2-cff553fd583d_zps8ed6ad07.jpg

patten pear
7-28-14 photo 68f26405-bc7b-4775-b871-87b909199afb_zps099ad388.jpg

luscious pear
7-28-14 photo 3e3412fd-719a-414e-b26f-0f42bb187082_zps8d6903de.jpg

nylons and rocks are working well as weights on the branches of the luscious pear tree
7-28-14 photo be67bd64-1096-4eaf-8833-0c4adcc06e2b_zpsf96c9c0a.jpg

the same tree last year. this tree in particular seems bound and determined to be as vertical and crowded as possible.
6-19-13 photo 90b32d00-7ef3-480a-b980-9928272a2b4a_zps8781377f.jpg

Saturday, July 12, 2014

baby squash, zucchini and watermelon

baby spaghetti squash
7-28-14 photo 548aedc1-f242-4659-ac4c-9e4bde1995e3_zps5900b81a.jpg

baby watermelon
7-28-14 photo fe3a8b6b-a84d-41c8-a9b4-b0e95ac9dd81_zpse82bd74d.jpg

baby zucchini
7-28-14 photo 9e07caa2-4744-46a2-ad89-3dee6e51d782_zps11f4ad94.jpg

the beans. you can see in the corner, the mesh trellis has slipped and sagged down with the weight of the beans.
7-28-14 photo cbadbfd4-89bd-4345-af1b-ac52a029102d_zpscb25b7ee.jpg

7-28-14 photo 86c77ea5-3293-42bc-a6fd-08f33aa440d6_zps8d28b82f.jpg

spaghetti squash
7-28-14 photo 592c68a9-aa39-4e93-a705-4814b512df96_zpsc531b44a.jpg

monster sunflower and zucchini
7-28-14 photo 9ac0a4a0-fbb5-4f53-8f74-38f45b5d3fbc_zpsa43601d1.jpg

dying peas on the left, black eyed peas on the right
7-28-14 photo 737fda90-20dd-446f-ad7c-c7bbc96e5e18_zps60192628.jpg

watermelon vines
7-28-14 photo c4606617-9c09-4eb9-9585-1dd677591973_zps12587fc3.jpg

cabbage, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli
7-28-14 photo 38fb734e-c199-40d1-9487-7fa33496b12c_zps985f2c1c.jpg

7-28-14 photo c0442955-5a70-4809-bdab-0a4cb566f011_zps5dd01ba9.jpg

sunflower bud (old camera wouldnt focus)
7-28-14 photo 56822db4-e6f1-40ce-b1cd-f4c19e8418b5_zps560e0722.jpg

gigantic sunflower, multiple buds
7-28-14 photo 0dc93812-5fb3-4cac-97d2-982fed137ab3_zps6b358570.jpg

Thursday, July 10, 2014

pear tree shaping

pear trees tend to grow vertical, to the extreme. which is NOT whats healthy for a fruit producing tree. a tree that is spread out more horizontally, a tree that is more OPEN to the air, AND the sunlight, its healthier. but pear trees if left alone will grow all its branches straight vertical. and the crowding promotes disease from poor air and sun circulation.

so you have to train pear trees. have to push or pull those vertical branches out and down. i've been trying branch spreaders, but that hasnt worked on all the branches. some branches will continue to try their damnedest to grow vertical at the ends even if the crotch of the branch is at a nice angle. so i used old nylons and rocks to weight the outer edge of those overly vertical branches to help to make them less vertical.
7-28-14 photo 11650f9b-85a5-4347-bf03-38dfa252d89e_zpsa642d23f.jpg

7-28-14 photo f316007c-7d74-4b54-8fb0-3d3848fc1c1f_zps2316b1e8.jpg

7-28-14 photo 4753290d-167b-4fbb-b14c-fe85cb0f836e_zps43c2209d.jpg

looks pretty funny, but its doing exactly what i want it to do.