Saturday, May 17, 2014

molly likes the new grass

molly checking out the new grass
 photo b23e0cfe-cef6-4ddf-bd3e-e4b87b7706f8_zps65f225b9.jpg

the grass is growing in by the drainage ditch
6-3-14 photo a5cf7e51-c350-492f-a088-6497ac281c82_zps2ea3064a.jpg

rubbing her face on the new grass
6-3-14 photo 05245833-3622-4638-ba6c-769591c9698a_zps28e4c176.jpg

in april, the leaf pile was in 3 bins, in an 'L' shape.
5-7-14 photo 6ab1c12a-0a6b-4d2b-a508-0fb2edc975d5_zpsdead8f9b.jpg

in may, the leaves had decomposed enough to shove down to just 2 bins.
6-3-14 photo 27b656ab-28c2-49d7-9824-2c0399505e6d_zps507722b8.jpg

Friday, May 16, 2014

garden pictures

strawberries are blooming
6-3-14 photo 6e86dc4d-ad38-4c39-96fb-80221f1279c6_zps84603fcc.jpg

6-3-14 photo edcade85-78a3-46a0-8c58-ec727c17096a_zps02f7a42e.jpg

first seeds to sprout outside, the radishes in the raised bed
6-3-14 photo 92242edb-daed-422c-8339-2c2672e5e53b_zps9c77ca53.jpg

set up the trellis for the pole beans. i gave up on trying to keep the aisles weed free along with the garden. the black plastic has been my sanity saver.
6-3-14 photo c44d8fe3-3e29-4967-a639-407b7dec8be2_zps24c74103.jpg

a few years ago the grassy weeds took over my garden, aisles and all. they keep trying to come back.
 photo 7-28-12028.jpg

i transplanted my tomato seedlings and peanut seedlings. tomatoes up front, they really struggled in that stupid woodchip potting soil. peanuts in the rear. they're this years experiment. not sure if they'll make it enough to put out or not. they require a longer growing season than we have.
6-3-14 photo 262b0f4f-bcf9-49c2-a0cd-9909224dbcdd_zpsfd21b67f.jpg

peas and their trellis. winter lasted so damn long i gave up and had to start even the peas indoors! otherwise it gets too hot too quickly for them and they end up stunted and die. in the pots are the watermelon i started indoors much much earlier. i'm using them to help shade the roots of the peas, keep their roots cooler and alive a little longer. i've also had success with nasturtiums, but have trouble getting their seeds to sprout. when the watermelon vines get bigger and start putting out, the peas will be gone.
6-3-14 photo 5238751b-9af5-4ecb-b2ca-aef39c67850a_zps3110f69e.jpg

more watermelon. plus clover in the aisle. i spent hours weeding that clover so that its JUST clover. all the aisles used to be clover but that stupid grassy weed took over and i couldnt handle that much weeding in the heat. i love the smell of clover, and it attracts the big fat fuzzy bumble bees. and its nicer to sit in while planting and weeding. it bounces back. i'm hoping after a year or two of having the aisles under the black plastic, everything under them will have been killed. maybe then i can try reseeding and have clover aisles again.
6-3-14 photo 384d3076-1f72-4970-95b5-798ba5d4a4fc_zps6dc304a1.jpg

cabbage, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, and broccoli. plus the other patch of clover that i saved. i should have trimmed back that clover patch though, its taken over a bit.
6-3-14 photo 74816fd0-0f06-4be9-a9b9-57e4ac3825b0_zpsd87d20b0.jpg

the rye i planted last fall as a cover crop and decided to let it grow and try to harvest it. its knee high here.
6-3-14 photo 960e994c-3e98-4967-a311-8829e8cc3325_zps858ecd30.jpg

Thursday, May 15, 2014

pear trees in bloom!

parker pear tree in bloom
6-3-14 photo 46cb5d92-9f24-4b0f-af43-dbc0c2901adf_zpse2b58901.jpg

luscious pear tree in bloom
6-3-14 photo 4493062f-9988-4831-9dde-98f8efa1a906_zpsf26bf003.jpg

summercrisp pear tree in bloom (only two sets of blooms)
6-3-14 photo a95cc67e-646b-49a7-85a2-8e884e0e2185_zpsd785ebc9.jpg

patten pear tree in bloom
6-3-14 photo c9ecde2c-5561-49f8-a909-42993cf891e9_zpsf3dc859b.jpg

pear tree flowers
6-3-14 photo 1cc46fe0-d39d-491c-856a-880545941666_zpsef90c113.jpg

6-3-14 photo f3bc54ea-206b-4a69-9341-3fd1edf4eea9_zpsd80d3952.jpg

6-3-14 photo ece9084f-00fa-47d6-93c7-7fbeed07d362_zpsa2203e02.jpg

6-3-14 photo 211f52c1-ad4c-4eee-a3a5-5478915325e9_zpsd14b1baa.jpg

6-3-14 photo e09ffb28-fa49-4ec9-a10f-0ee65cf21fad_zps4d44ae94.jpg

6-3-14 photo 93a5d20d-fab8-42e9-88a3-6a0f551a93d8_zpsa4d3c545.jpg

day lilies and tulips out front. the day lilies are really doing well now.
6-3-14 photo 1f77e0f5-d333-44df-84f1-9e80bd9ebd15_zps9dec37b2.jpg

day lilies still in back that will need to get transplanted, once i move the rocks out of that area.
6-3-14 photo d4dd9289-c8a9-4e3e-9d87-c03a754976af_zps45bc0504.jpg

Monday, May 5, 2014

pictures from early may

dirt pile for expanding the strawberry patch. need more dirt. need more bricks. its a work in progress. thats molly in the background.
7-4-14 photo f7797f7b-14d9-4c2a-a0e9-9f548b51c050_zps865dfa21.jpg

the transplanted day lilies in front. not all of them came up/survived the winter in a plastic kiddie swimming pool. the squirrels dug up the daffodil bulbs that survived the pool. oh well. room for expansion now without needing to dig up more sod.
7-4-14 photo 94171750-767d-4ef5-964f-f83aabfca6f4_zpsb3bcbed4.jpg

bins of shredded leaves. these were full to the top last fall. winter compacted them nicely.
7-4-14 photo 6ab1c12a-0a6b-4d2b-a508-0fb2edc975d5_zpsdead8f9b.jpg

my new minimum/maximum thermometer mounted in the greenhouse. picture from outside looking in.
7-4-14 photo 051051a6-fec9-401b-b63a-658d7320d9e8_zpsd98283cb.jpg

picture from inside, you can see the mount that swings in and out for easy resetting
7-4-14 photo 5b7c8dc9-0b67-47aa-8993-0b6eaa755a13_zpscc7cbb5a.jpg

seedlings in the greenhouse
7-4-14 photo 00b86f28-dd0e-47a8-8a45-533bd16c8e7b_zpsba222836.jpg

more seedlings
7-4-14 photo 1d3b2970-8be4-4bb5-98ef-7e9d3128cad6_zpsd58e2e62.jpg

the greenhouse is currently unheated and uninsulated. temps at night were still getting down to 40 and 50 at this point. only the cold hardy plants were out in the greenhouse. all my other seedlings are still in the house under my grow lights. either by this fall or next spring i hope to have some insulation and heating solutions installed.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

sifting really crappy potting soil

i bought the worst potting soil ever. miracle grow organic choice potting soil. i only picked it because it was right *there* inside the store and didnt require me going out to the farthest corner of the outdoor garden center in inclement weather to get what i wanted. i should have tho. i will never buy that crap again. it came infested with tiny little gnat/fruit fly type bugs that got all over my house, and infested the dirt in the tortoise enclosure too! and it was half woodchips. HALF! big woodchips. crappiest most worthless bags of wasted money. i had a lot of trouble getting my seeds to sprout in this. never again. do not buy this crap.

a sieve i finally bought after so many seeds failed to survive all those woodchips
7-4-14 photo b92e2471-0a9b-4d7e-ad8f-309dc67c66ab_zps7d7a73c3.jpg

7-4-14 photo d9ed7ada-7f51-4fd0-80d2-7e8c903616ae_zpsfdad5de6.jpg

sifting still let a lot of those woodchips thru
7-4-14 photo b4448ce9-1623-4e85-be86-ca34fa577967_zps3aa3a036.jpg

usable potting soil. what i got out of two 32 quart bags, minus all the woodchips. this is a 10 gallon/40 quart container.
7-4-14 photo c64ad976-2718-4b2a-9284-10f9e6280901_zps2df712e0.jpg

more woodchips
7-4-14 photo 837b3108-90a2-4976-9dc1-d29e3738a434_zps963ae2b8.jpg

molly came to investigate the woodchips, see if they were edible (i got two of these bins full of woodchips)
7-4-14 photo f778a09f-d8aa-4444-ac4e-18bfee12c925_zpsb04f2e56.jpg

not edible, so she laid down next to them.
7-4-14 photo 8e9fff01-9b0d-4296-b523-d453a8ae5997_zpsb3c80fb9.jpg

oh hi! can i eat it now? (no!)
7-4-14 photo 418f7ece-74b3-43a9-8564-66f11896d8be_zps659d46d1.jpg

Friday, May 2, 2014

my parents neighbor gave me a $50 gift card to chuck and dons, a pet supply store. i picked up some squeaky stuffed animals and some treats for the dogs. i pulled them out on a rainy day.

puppy showing his new toy off
7-4-14 photo 17d6a3f9-00aa-4ac9-8af2-19446b9183be_zps3c707d41.jpg

molly refused to touch it. it was thundering heavily outside and she's afraid of thunder. she was shut down. i thought maybe a stuffie would help, but nope. she was too upset even for a stuffie.
7-4-14 photo a46a5837-9bca-434a-8930-8278dd73edbd_zpsb5722254.jpg

puppy abandoned his stuffy and stole mollys stuffy (so i gave her his)
7-4-14 photo ac229822-3fd9-471a-9194-5014a97dc60e_zpsec1d7ef6.jpg

chomp chomp chomp
7-4-14 photo 5d6dba97-8d1a-4fe1-8667-f1128d49c9fb_zps7a6f68cc.jpg

after the rain and thunder stopped, molly happily played with her toy. both toys were destroyed with glee.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

i got a new toy to deal with the roots

there is a section of my yard that the dogs have ripped up all the grass. it floods dramatically every spring. its sloped incorrectly and flooded the greenhouse on two occasions this spring. its crisscrossed with large tree roots, making it impossible to dig in that area with a shovel. in order to regrade the area, reseed with grass, and create a drainage ditch, i needed a better tool. it was suggested to me that a mattock would be that tool.

this is a mattock
7-4-14 photo 07c56bda-45fa-4c29-b476-0becdd8f1a86_zps039d06b7.jpg

its about waist high on me. i can get a good swing going.
7-4-14 photo c5cc5840-1673-48a3-b5e7-da832e0bbff2_zps59268ed4.jpg

two swings with the mattock digs a great trench! i LOVE this thing. it makes extremely quick work of all those roots. one or two swings and i've cut right thru the roots that are an inch to two inches around.
7-4-14 photo c56195b2-4ca2-42ff-ac9c-ca01c3e52b29_zps7e23ce56.jpg

molly likes digging! she came and helped.
7-4-14 photo be765480-f76b-4be9-9cd7-c7c2ea76cd7b_zpsc41ebbfb.jpg

7-4-14 photo 9909905e-6fd3-4837-98f0-541f41117c9e_zpsda33a24e.jpg

7-4-14 photo 96c0a6c7-c5cb-44f6-870f-374655f46698_zps3d7a95dd.jpg

7-4-14 photo f7a1a997-d3e7-4773-b4db-668403502cf7_zpsd5c9baf0.jpg

digging is hard work. lots of breaks are needed
7-4-14 photo 61e02f5c-5ad5-4766-80ed-4327c8e0fdb9_zpse057c7fd.jpg

7-4-14 photo d0893502-6a64-4fc7-9494-119cad215ad4_zps3bc108a6.jpg

7-4-14 photo 2456d6f7-d32a-4cf3-aa9d-946daf49ae30_zpsb48dddcc.jpg

7-4-14 photo cbd1a40f-e0d1-44f9-b4a4-25d793f05d4f_zps83a84efc.jpg

7-4-14 photo 36a7b420-380f-499c-92fc-f4b0646d3a0b_zpsedc410cf.jpg

7-4-14 photo f4f00512-0fe6-4291-8335-6ac02b2967e5_zpse09bf2d0.jpg

7-4-14 photo 22b3569b-c815-44e8-a2a1-8cd23c056268_zpsc7d68a42.jpg

7-4-14 photo 8fa90a8a-f95e-4425-bd12-7a0ee00b10f4_zps13e10097.jpg

mostly though molly was just in the way. whatcha doing. stop doing that and pay attention to MEEEEEE!
 photo b93a0fe8-44e7-4b54-917c-8d2986a1b7de_zpsc788c194.jpg

7-4-14 photo b88ce833-1f91-4687-86ff-58a8be5746a9_zps8114a8d1.jpg

7-4-14 photo 8172771b-c2a4-4625-aad2-d7ecbd9c213f_zpsa811f766.jpg

all those damn tree roots i had to chop out just to be able to dig at all. this is JUST the roots from the foot wide section down that strip on the left.
7-4-14 photo 5928be21-7c4d-4f31-bcef-9e855fcb2047_zpse557efd9.jpg

7-4-14 photo 08f8822e-f31f-4a43-be8d-ff947836796f_zps9c6fb5f7.jpg

enlarging that foot wide section
7-4-14 photo 2218a2ff-b7f9-41cb-a766-e965efe1e9c7_zps87520b37.jpg

dog blocking, to allow the grass seed to take root without being ripped back up or compacted.
7-4-14 photo 770e40de-8a3d-414f-bfb0-d0f4999ede48_zps77f2b74b.jpg

more attempts at dog blocking so the grass seed will grow. the roots have all been dug out.
7-4-14 photo 5980795e-9fa8-4a22-81bf-bb7bf63947d1_zpsd087cd79.jpg

dog blocking
7-4-14 photo 120b0b3d-5b35-4f0c-84e0-77af7971c46b_zpsfe6e281c.jpg

transplanted grass from a new flower garden the front yard
7-4-14 photo 269ebb25-a9d0-4c39-803e-cd19e7435a33_zps34dc8687.jpg

7-4-14 photo 679e05ef-cac5-4995-8e70-d2f5ddf0b8cd_zpsd512c9b1.jpg