Thursday, August 28, 2014

state fair pictures

mom and i went to the state fair. according to wikipedia, The Minnesota State Fair is the largest state fair in the United States by average daily attendance. It is also the 2nd largest state fair in the United States by total attendance, trailing only the State Fair of Texas, which generally runs twice as long as the Minnesota State Fair.

pretty flower, huge leaves, nearly as tall as i am. its canna lily!
9-26-14 photo 59f0dcd1-fdd4-41d7-97b2-776acc932fb0_zps37a995a8.jpg

another pretty flower, different flower, same huge leaves, same tall plant.
9-26-14 photo 3fea3a76-97d1-4826-bd2a-deada6c704d5_zpsfc300b69.jpg

see, huge leaves, tall plant. the red flower and the orange flower were interplanted with each other.
9-26-14 photo 48541458-edbe-47c2-93f2-d266d07756c5_zps8afd2373.jpg

a neat metalwork shop
9-26-14 photo fa8f5f98-dc60-422b-8f3d-757bdf8812af_zps47129f9c.jpg

sea turtles, bottom right
9-26-14 photo 8b5db081-f5e3-4255-86c0-e74f7698dba3_zpsa8580bf6.jpg

more turtles
9-26-14 photo 80963fe8-e2e3-4569-85c7-0724b056a554_zps0a72cfa3.jpg

breakfast - scone with strawberries and cream cheese frosting. SO GOOD!
9-26-14 photo bfc46aa5-0f83-465a-b17f-9775ed9d04c6_zps35c26ecd.jpg

agriculture/horticulture building. days of yesterbeer, history of beer in minnesota (they had beer tasting, but at 8-9 am, im not really up for beer.)(blown up so i can read it)
9-26-14 photo 1b7c01ff-cb9c-422a-9f89-bbbb6609f956_zps1104a0a7.jpg

9-26-14 photo 9f5351af-5a98-4aba-a7ea-183c0ce89a35_zpse1618958.jpg

9-26-14 photo 6b0ab20f-a551-4e1c-a76d-2efed868eb52_zps4824b8b1.jpg

9-26-14 photo 84ab61c4-edaa-4487-86a5-809464c91438_zpsefae7696.jpg

9-26-14 photo 13500d3b-d7ba-4348-b2cf-f37717f3dfc9_zpsc10c04ee.jpg

pretty pattern made up of live flowers
9-26-14 photo f47fffeb-f551-486b-9f12-9bd11220ad55_zpsb381f1a5.jpg

mom says my zucchini was bigger
9-26-14 photo afba25e9-01c9-4ae5-9dc3-56a527879223_zpsfb993b7c.jpg

the root systems of
back row: peanut, big bluestem (prairie grass), purple clover, alfalfa, buckwheat, corn, potato
down in front: soybean, kentucky bluegrass, dandelion
9-26-14 photo 795460c5-1f3a-474e-a892-02802bf422d0_zpsa40dbef9.jpg
this blew my mind a little. i didnt realize they had such DEEP roots!

my pears were bigger than ALL of these! mom says i should try entering them and my zucchini next year.
9-26-14 photo ef5ebbd6-7801-4fd5-843d-27b0a84391b4_zps6f211395.jpg

grapes grown here in minnesota! (despite our harsh winters). i wanna grow grapes someday. but i just want grapes for eating or jam making, not wine grapes.
9-26-14 photo 98f58506-0a6e-4470-926f-1230d16fdbd4_zps552e128d.jpg

9-26-14 photo 1c785e15-e9a0-4cee-aa76-8f6576ad3ce4_zps117fa3ad.jpg

seed art. all these pictures are made of seeds.
9-26-14 photo 47f665d3-21b7-4fda-aa67-a9b58c7aa2d5_zpsd166a638.jpg

9-26-14 photo 0cbcc452-8119-467a-8bf5-93b7ca7037d4_zpsc1326abf.jpg

9-26-14 photo 75cebe9a-bb05-4dc5-a171-71a5c6115f24_zps3b8b0ff2.jpg

even the kids get in on it.
9-26-14 photo 4442eddf-af9b-47d2-8640-c3faac5597b2_zps795d3982.jpg

9-26-14 photo 6e0874b0-93df-4716-871a-bd8dcbbe6154_zps9286f6ef.jpg

3d seed art
9-26-14 photo 5b75e8da-51f5-4f43-b0dd-a59a151c4e7d_zpsc8863fca.jpg

nicholas tesla
9-26-14 photo 064df369-6aaf-487b-97a0-40d49da17455_zps15d9c87b.jpg

9-26-14 photo 7829297b-1eb1-48aa-8109-7bed26f74b9f_zps92081e2f.jpg

9-26-14 photo 08341a33-f3d7-4057-94a9-df992cf375c1_zps1618d9e3.jpg

 photo 652e79d4-d3b3-4f50-a96b-113d6d275de6_zpsf3aa4aed.jpg

9-26-14 photo 237f75d1-2f1c-4c97-8423-537198c9625b_zps99b1bb0c.jpg

9-26-14 photo 610872ae-67f5-42ba-84e0-b6d58a7c01a8_zps5b67b22b.jpg

from the bee/honey section of the agriculture/horticulture building
9-26-14 photo 93d3847f-9feb-4417-a9d6-013dd8ed4b9a_zpsc56ca4e4.jpg

calvin and hobbes cross stitch, creative arts building
9-26-14 photo 6804ea81-fbce-4a69-9927-9b3f1e28ebef_zps4d0e1c17.jpg

piggie bums, crocheted afghan (teehee)
9-26-14 photo 2f713518-3503-4588-a3d3-a1b7eb4508b3_zps1920539d.jpg

paper art
9-26-14 photo 68291b23-8bc2-43d4-9437-cc7ffca208a4_zps6b0e7ab0.jpg

truck bed liner sprayed on a pair of jeans. i worked at a company who manufactured the equipment (that i assembled) that heated and mixed two separate components and sprayed them out as one, like truck bed liner.
9-26-14 photo 06e3fc68-9f4b-47ad-a65e-e028070df82a_zpsfbedce90.jpg

a cute little drummer figurine made of nuts and bolts and little bits of metal.
9-26-14 photo cbc1fc39-4921-4a0f-915b-716a160bc9dc_zps624509df.jpg

i used to play piano, so this made me grin. "chopin lizst" (shopping list)
9-26-14 photo d1681796-8cfb-4aec-b08b-d72671282cec_zpsc12dadde.jpg

wooden train planter (my dad likes trains)
9-26-14 photo 13e4130c-940b-452a-88d4-49cceeeb2709_zps1e5e4c74.jpg

the train engine planter
 photo 06a316e3-e683-4555-807f-349ae2c10924_zps75523d57.jpg

the best meat rub i've ever tasted, honey lime rub (they have a booth at the state fair i buy from)
9-26-14 photo f2540998-582d-4f96-b687-81c903875e21_zps14086a90.jpg

picked up a new thing to try, garlic dill dressing/sandwich spread
9-26-14 photo 9b9f6279-57fa-479d-bb06-eca25b7167b2_zps279c6fd0.jpg

picked up a new bar of soap from the same company i got my beloved tea tree soap from
9-26-14 photo b2cde019-f1c9-4119-b92f-41d976cff262_zps3ab1bd47.jpg

this year i bought 'herbal citris' = lime, grapefruit, bergamot and sandalwood
9-26-14 photo aa5f948c-c6d3-4a7e-a9e0-3efaafe08040_zps9a60ba09.jpg

turtle cookie cutter
9-26-14 photo dedfc2ed-5087-4414-a4fe-8d3fc5b80a5b_zps54fe9c4e.jpg

free backscratcher!
9-26-14 photo bab7801c-818e-48da-8fad-8ef614ca1045_zps422df956.jpg

other free loot
9-26-14 photo 34f3cb25-f09e-492a-a1c6-2eae9a1c3a4f_zps32fae5b9.jpg

free fans! (its hot in august!)
9-26-14 photo e143498d-26a4-4911-950c-d5ec48983f30_zps05743aff.jpg

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

ground cherry jam

i made ground cherry jam for the neighbors.
8-27-14 photo 4e9ada69-034a-4006-96e7-d1fa6b345dce_zps2da62558.jpg

cooking it down
8-27-14 photo bec7459b-dd2b-4c3b-b08c-31040d4192dc_zps0d336732.jpg

8-27-14 photo 60744beb-40d0-4dda-9ea3-4419217cc607_zps48284ec6.jpg

the neighbor i made it for gave me these jars to use. it went straight into her fridge, thats why i just poured it into jars instead of canning it proper.
8-27-14 photo 01abd6e0-1f6f-4c10-9701-d327effad6fd_zpsc903b6d6.jpg

5 c. berries
1/2 c. water
4 c. sugar
1/2 can (6 oz. size) frozen orange juice
4 tbsp. lemon juice

Remove husks and wash berries. Measure berries and water. Bring to boil and cook until berries burst. Add sugar and frozen orange juice concentrate (not diluted!), and lemon juice. Cook for 30 minutes stirring often to prevent scorching. Jar and seal.