Thursday, January 29, 2015

book darts

i got these neat book darts to mark all the things i want to take notes from or things i identify with in books.
1-15-15 photo 3466fcde-53e6-419a-9dfd-a85caa001a4f_zps95deae33-1.jpg

book dart front and back
1-15-15 photo e7108dde-5bb2-4432-bdc5-e722fdcb5747_zps7f718917-1.jpg

in use, you can point to exactly where you wanted to take the note from
1-15-15 photo 0599dd39-c601-4821-aae5-4f40235f22ee_zpsd828ab06-1.jpg

view from the edge of the book
12-15-14 photo d53057f7-070f-4510-a762-25ea06b6e8d0_zps7eead8a1.jpg

i ReALLY liked this book
12-15-14 photo a3df9a13-fe1f-40fc-8f0e-73d0456142a6_zps92bc7ff1.jpg

Sunday, January 18, 2015

lettuce on her head

crunch n munch
12-15-14 photo 646fc5cf-dc9a-4135-a31d-93c1d2da4908_zps4b28336a.jpg

sweetpea wearing her food on her head and hanging out her mouth
12-15-14 photo 1e1c806d-1c9b-420e-9cde-16fb374f90dc_zps4f6410dd.jpg

12-15-14 photo 9362df37-ba39-43ad-98e8-234e3c47b039_zps21047900.jpg

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

potato ham soup

it was so good i had to make it again.

boiled potato slices for potato ham soup
1-15-15 photo b926f437-b200-496d-a294-5c612b3fa7b2_zps2a010f9e-1.jpg

reserve two cups of the potato boiling water to use in the soup
1-15-15 photo b31f8223-11f7-4034-a37d-9a2f29ca71ea_zps4b553a6a-1.jpg

chop up some carrots
1-15-15 photo cbc9648a-61db-4f37-a352-318333c44265_zps4cee4871-1.jpg

and some celery. i chopped up a bunch of celery and divided it into 1 cup portions and froze them for easy soup making.
1-15-15 photo a6b76b4b-3745-4a6d-9b9f-da2ce2a7817e_zpsb8ec9912-1.jpg

cooking onions in lots of butter
1-15-15 photo a0e6ff5e-6b7a-4cb4-8b0c-97a1d698d3d9_zps2454e861-1.jpg

making a roux out of that butter and onions
1-15-15 photo fa708810-78d5-4468-82f3-8dc30e6bf2de_zps3424ce7b-1.jpg

brown the roux slightly
1-15-15 photo 1881fff9-30e1-4e61-b70e-e899ad96dd95_zps20d3b2ca-1.jpg

dump everything in the pot. i dont generally keep milk in the house, so i buy heavy cream and freeze it in ice cube trays. each one measures about one tablespoon. then i dump them out of the ice cube trays into a zip lock bag and help myself to a couple whenever a recipe calls for milk. this recipe calls for milk, so i added the cream cubes. you can see the frozen celery as well.
1-15-15 photo e481a808-b7bc-4075-8f6c-e0002d4f7d6a_zps14ddec12-1.jpg

because i dont do pepper of any kind, i add ham flavored soup base (like bouillon)
1-15-15 photo aba515e9-5e1e-44e2-9bed-a1f5050523d6_zps8b6138ca-1.jpg

as usual i had an audience
1-15-15 photo b42b9404-e1b3-4aaf-97ca-7d7f34e9a531_zps64c8129c-1.jpg

yummy yummy soup get in my tummy
1-15-15 photo d68eca67-9933-4c2c-ba5b-4c9ac6155240_zps8a1a52f5-1.jpg

recipe back here

Sunday, January 11, 2015

doggies lounging in the sun

puppy and molly both really enjoy hanging out by the front window. molly is watching, puppy is resting his head on molly
12-26-14 photo 30baebd6-414f-40ca-85b3-aac4ef3b92af_zps68d5a44c.jpg

what are you doing with that damn flashy thing
12-26-14 photo a95901e3-a90a-47c2-affc-1b874ba55554_zps65339ec6.jpg

still with the flashy thing, i see you!
12-26-14 photo c8b1ae60-070d-4983-8623-ddb0b4ec6562_zps9d5ac526.jpg

nope, not fooling us
12-26-14 photo a3c891bd-5c8e-4c38-baa6-a209bcf1d786_zpsb521176a.jpg

molly decides to snooze, puppys watching out the window
12-26-14 photo 65542174-af22-4822-acfd-506a5e6cab6b_zps39122d80.jpg

both dogs snoozing in the bright sunshine
12-26-14 photo 369f282b-0aa8-4f93-bf5c-b3a78f1d654b_zps7cc19994.jpg

Friday, January 9, 2015

homemade peanutbutter apple dog treats

making dog biscuits. peanut butter and apple. i had a dog bone shaped cookie cutter. it was 3", maybe 3.5" long.
12-26-14 photo 4dbfc900-5e78-455b-897b-c3392cc57571_zpse4890dd0.jpg

i chopped up bits of apple nice and small.
12-26-15 photo 955bf8cd-4a1d-4c60-8e5c-95f4351b9c5d_zpsc787f664.jpg

as usual i had an audience. a VERY captivated audience. i cant imagine why...
12-26-14 photo 87bbdab3-2266-4718-8d89-4a357fd56b0f_zpsdae5b2b4.jpg

behold the power of peanut butter
12-26-14 photo 24a15a88-9306-4b5d-89fb-68a6c162b0c1_zpsd064517f.jpg

rolling the dough out went smoothly.
12-26-14 photo bbcb1777-8a9c-4cef-8845-4bd98890da65_zps41372d0b.jpg

it was very easy to work with, even with the little apple bits in it.
12-26-14 photo 6d6cd945-eb92-477d-b8b1-468f5bd86347_zpsb466672d.jpg

however i made these as an xmas gift for my brother and sister in laws little dog, which is a brussels griffon. its like maybe 5 pounds or something, so small compared to mine. so even my smallest cookie cutter was kinda too big. so i gathered up the scraps, rolled them out again and used a pizza cutter to make little squares. this dough was so nice to work with.
12-26-14 photo 10213a7c-8aed-4011-a944-6ef1216a0441_zpsfb73a17b.jpg

they puffed up a little bit when baked. both my dogs and their dog love these. i'll make these again.
12-26-14 photo a913baff-c98f-4a2b-8672-a4b5735d47ba_zpsb088e091.jpg

1 cup of flour
1/4 cup oats
1/2 tablepoon of baking powder
1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
1/2 cup apple sauce (I used my Homemade)
1 tablespoon of olive oil.

Preheat oven to 350
1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl. If it seems too dry add a tablespoons of water until it is a cookie-dough like consistency. I started using a spoon and switched to mixing with my hand to really make sure everything was incorporated.
2. Sprinkle flour on a surface and roll out to about 1/2 of an inch thick. You can use a cookie cutter, knife or what ever you want to make the desired shape/size of your treats.
3. Place baking paper or a baking mat on a cookie sheet. Place the treats on the sheet leaving a bit of room between them. They won’t expand too much.
4. Bake for 15 minutes or until golden brown.
5. Remove from the oven and allow to cool before tossing them to the dogs!

from here

Saturday, January 3, 2015

einstein rocks

einstein photo: einstein einstein.jpg

when einstein saw this photo of himself for the first time, he didnt wince or turn away. he didnt issue a public apology or vow to be more mature (having won a nobel prize and all). he asked for a copy of the photo. and then he had copies printed up as note cards so that when he was moved to jot a note to one of his very learned and dignified colleagues, the person first had to look at einstein sticking out his tongue.