Friday, July 31, 2015

wiggle wiggle

roley poley puppy
8-26-15 photo dbeafe31-d2c4-4c99-9dde-4bf46ccd39f2_zpsgmdqcp1o.jpg

wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle, yeah
8-26-15 photo 9c3a1123-93df-4034-9a84-05ac08e7bd90_zpskjhrb0tq.jpg

the dogs just love rolling around in the grass
8-26-15 photo 9301aa34-d7b1-4529-92e2-a288b3bd80f7_zpsgkydeuwb.jpg

Thursday, July 30, 2015

garden picture update

my biggest watermelon
8-26-15 photo 65f15022-fe29-4521-8b35-df324d2d4888_zpsgxeajnnh.jpg

second biggest melon. watermelon are very challenging to grow in minnesotas short growing season.
8-26-15 photo 682a294f-9240-4ea0-8e33-a2f5d0dfcca8_zpsixflube7.jpg

picture of the trapped watermelon thats growing between two fence pieces
8-26-15 photo 2e85eec3-57cc-482c-aa2e-2ee60ac92a22_zpszbqc5eth.jpg

8-26-15 photo fd438029-93bc-479a-bfd2-723dd16e8e70_zpsi3kmsnsb.jpg

zucchini. the only ones that grew, and they all died this year. i got nothing.
8-26-15 photo 95b59f6a-cabe-421e-93ff-0c3c85deddc3_zpsx6jjumtx.jpg

cherry tomatoes
8-26-15 photo 78615d0b-ade0-43c5-8b92-3751f268d415_zpscrmvkyd2.jpg

amish paste tomatoes
8-26-15 photo 1523cedf-2e04-48bc-b796-14dfab9d2987_zps4sw8crtq.jpg

8-26-15 photo 3084a465-9b05-4903-8aa3-252c78cacf92_zpsba4fjfyp.jpg

i had to do some repair. the pole beans managed to weigh down the trellis so much it fell.
8-26-15 photo cec96d8c-af8e-42db-a9df-473d8e02d0de_zpstk0xftjl.jpg

with some extra bamboo posts, i managed to reinforce the corner
8-26-15 photo df3f0539-69fc-4857-8d43-20d6c3f016a8_zpsbw7i5nck.jpg

another edge got pulled backwards
8-26-15 photo 42a9f5e9-344c-425e-b4fc-1495d090f9a2_zps2cq0tipx.jpg

more bamboo posts set up as counterpull
8-26-15 photo 8391042e-edb7-4406-8a12-c8271b884f45_zpsuy6r8swg.jpg

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

sweetpea out and about in the yard

sweetpea crawling the the grass
8-26-15 photo 9a63010c-75bc-460f-9230-96d996dda11a_zps4yyylrbk.jpg

she kinda plows her way thru like a tank
8-26-15 photo 9e569451-c7e5-4675-bb9f-94fef7b6b7f4_zpsvlqgip1p.jpg

puppy and molly checking her out and sniffing her
8-26-15 photo b43f07d6-5828-4e2a-bb78-171a4403fe19_zpsukvd2so5.jpg

sweetpea isnt afraid of them
8-26-15 photo c8c03d0a-7819-440e-a9f2-1500c9c9a814_zpssqwheifd.jpg

8-26-15 photo 1172b787-2444-4ac6-b757-f79be5379c8c_zpsp7nkp6la.jpg

she just keeps on trucking wherever she wants to go
 photo c64cec84-57ed-45f0-b27c-033564962b58_zpsz9iw8xij.jpg

she's headed right underneath molly
8-26-15 photo cb0ed02b-b3b9-485b-8322-50f8bb1a5858_zpsykvpl8dn.jpg

8-26-15 photo 37803783-7d69-4a0f-a494-4d2c855833e1_zpsvsexdu0k.jpg

8-26-15 photo e362f2cf-df0e-440a-b309-20c9ddc4d493_zpsgsalcsxq.jpg

molly giving sweetpeas rump a sniff
8-26-15 photo c8ac08e9-00a0-45f8-8379-3e46a2e209c9_zpsdelkojfi.jpg

sweetpea doesnt care, she just keeps on walking
8-26-15 photo fddca109-3a5e-493b-a456-afa1056e9a03_zpsrxmbvtik.jpg

the bunnies chewed another hole in my garden fence
8-26-15 photo ecc80808-da63-48e5-8c7d-82a2f43e9e3d_zpsihku20lw.jpg

and i temporarily lost sweetpea. found her inside the garden. the bunny hole is perfectly sized to let sweetpea in.
8-26-15 photo 923c81eb-a945-4856-b14c-92d5cac79045_zpsumzyfga8.jpg

Saturday, July 25, 2015

japanese beetle lure trap

no poison involved. no danger to pets or pollinating insects. i highly recommend this if you have problems with the japanese beetles.

8-26-15 photo 7a459ca6-1ba9-43ac-8433-3669149ebea3_zpsg5uomhyd.jpg

there is a lure up at the top. the bugs come near and end up falling into the trap. then they cant get out.
8-26-15 photo 118b56fa-c3e7-4c85-9369-d04dc7a58ac9_zps4hddxsmg.jpg

there is a zipper at the bottom of the bag to empty out the bugs.
8-26-15 photo b476b90c-7f2c-494c-8d33-246e6e995afe_zps920upgaa.jpg

the bugs are still alive in the trap. you have to empty the trap into a bucket of water and let the bugs drown. caught this many bugs the first week alone.
8-26-15 photo 33266fce-8d8f-46a9-bcea-eafca1b5bebe_zpsdazwlkhf.jpg

caught this many just the second week!
8-26-15 photo 8a2f5136-e457-4e7c-afcb-29dd35f6b7ed_zpszcadpzii.jpg

things slowed down after that. this was a months worth.
8-26-15 photo e73d94ac-735a-48c1-a518-4c428d6887cf_zps5w40sjsf.jpg

caught this strange bug in the trap too.
8-26-15 photo ed5066b5-9f77-410d-8389-1c448fd89544_zpsv0opsfjl.jpg

Friday, July 24, 2015

basil harvesting

basil plant #1
8-26-15 photo 2c996da0-8876-4eb4-bbab-06cdd0bc5584_zpsrjgwsqjf.jpg

basil plant #2 (with stevia plant growing in front of it)
8-26-15 photo 5bef3203-41eb-4295-ae14-e6d913a01f35_zpskcru7lfi.jpg

i pinched off the buds that were trying to form blossoms and threw them on the ground next to me. only to discover that puppy thought those buds of concentrated smell were FABULOUS and he had to roll all over them. molly seemed confused by puppys behavior. she just sat there and watched him roll and roll and roll.
8-26-15 photo ab0f9186-dc26-445c-ac1d-920e4639e658_zpszxq4m7u2.jpg

i cut the basil plants way back harvesting leaves
8-26-15 photo 547cf46f-e3eb-4efb-979a-fc9dbf42343f_zpsktrgkd98.jpg

8-26-15 photo ded26bf7-1281-4bed-87db-50ce7986132c_zpsquvpwopy.jpg

8-26-15 photo 1ea0b781-b21d-4f93-a0e0-d70de0fd9708_zpsefcjin4p.jpg

big bowl full of only the biggest leaves, soaking in water to rinse them clean. there were so many that i only took the biggest ones and left the little tiny ones.
 photo f6fe92aa-0103-4ef8-88d3-eac9facf4f5e_zpslpydlxr2.jpg

after picking off all the large leaves and leaving the tiny ones, i thought perhaps the tortoise would be interested in eating basil. sweetpea was not interested at all. she plowed thru the pile and left it behind. the dogs were interested, but only to smell it. they didnt even try to taste it.
8-26-15 photo 95179f9c-6d76-4cee-9dd4-924298ae16ae_zpspjeb5px5.jpg

filled up the salad spinner and spun the water off the leaves
 photo fe71e1a2-bf72-4633-9908-20efbcb176f3_zpsvuj0qkx4.jpg

basil in the food processor, with a small amount of oil to help them get chopped up better.
8-26-15 photo bc4da945-112e-42a5-8769-aedff6013889_zpswrqd1wgy.jpg

so many leaves that i had to do two separate batches. they wouldnt all fit.
8-26-15 photo a34ce83e-bc29-4cf5-97c9-f5a83a1c05e6_zpsvw0fwudl.jpg

squishing into an ice cube tray. the internet suggested freezing the basil this way. and from freezing heavy cream this way, i know that each ice cube is 1 tablespoon. i pushed and packed the basil as tight as i could into the tray.
8-26-15 photo 68ada369-d9e5-42b5-9237-47b4b0e236ee_zpsl8ebifdk.jpg

it was a messy process. but the amount of leaves i pureed managed to fit the ice cube tray exactly. the leaf bits were rather dry and loose, despite the small amount of oil i added while chopping up. i was afraid they'd freeze, but not freeze solid/together, so i added more oil. i'm glad i did.
8-26-15 photo 850668ae-1350-47c0-ad93-98fa20cfd373_zpsnulxlln7.jpg

frozen chopped basil
8-26-15 photo 892329a5-572f-44b2-895b-c82980a59296_zpsryisibed.jpg

close up, you can see the top bits arent well adhered to each other.
8-26-15 photo 8344db4d-7213-473b-8d1c-00a7c1beddb3_zps3khx8v18.jpg

8-26-15 photo 55dc1ec6-6a00-4782-8f7f-54af31ae0b9b_zpsacnnwvbn.jpg

dumped out of the tray and into a bag. you can see how the lower part, with the oil added, is frozen together quite well.
8-26-15 photo b35281c2-7f82-4acc-a3c0-1df378bcac5a_zps68rmdqwu.jpg

i STILL have not made pesto. i keep forgetting to pick up pine nuts at the grocery store. for now my basil cubes remain in the freezer.