Wednesday, November 20, 2013

shelving, greenhouse post #16

dad took me to pick out shelving. i choose the 20" deep shelves over the 12" deep shelves.

3 - 96"x20" 'tightmesh' shelves.
 photo 171b2dc1-6f39-488c-a7bc-b6f6a53290a0_zps22f0de58.jpg

i worried we wouldnt be able to get them IN the greenhouse. they're 8 feet long, and the doorway is in the middle. dad was sure we'd be able to maneuver them in, and we did.
 photo 34b4db6a-1458-4b45-a1e3-d15dd2525ec5_zpsb8fa9cf1.jpg

all other greenhouse work is postponed til spring. i need to work on raking up all the leaves before the snow comes.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

closing up the eaves greenhouse #15

worked on closing up the eaves on the greenhouse. i cut pieces of salvaged 2x4's to fit. this worked on the corners where i could tuck one end of the 2x4 behind the roof truss bracket and push the other end back.

south wall, east corner
 photo 9a955a68-807e-4089-9ba5-9cfbdf13c1a5_zps0eaa355b.jpg

but you'll notice all the other eaves have a roof truss bracket on both sides. so i had to cut multiple pieces and tuck each end in, pushing the middle together and back last.
 photo 7b207ccf-f9f7-4a58-97fb-6fc18aa21b75_zps7d244c49.jpg

same eave, from outside
 photo cdec43c9-161e-4f86-ba61-4266d5d01b17_zpsfddf0970.jpg

next eave, outside view. some eaves needed a shim
 photo 8331892f-a580-4836-8396-1bffff2b8f9e_zps22215a1f.jpg

next eave, inside
 photo dae5b21b-30ad-4f96-971a-eae3926b8722_zpsead6020f.jpg

same eave, outside. some eaves needed a third block in the middle to make them fit
 photo 9036a128-66f0-420e-be4a-2edb5130f405_zpscd814764.jpg

next eave, inside
 photo 13c162bb-d1c2-4cbe-a888-63a535f9b977_zps40cfb59d.jpg

same eave, outside. some eaves needed a third piece in the middle, and a couple shims to make it all fit right.
 photo 0e060d63-536d-4f6b-8645-fa8c8b1a19fd_zpsd7ccf258.jpg

south wall, west corner
 photo eb142ecd-6b2f-48e8-8f42-ce85556983f4_zpse988b94e.jpg

the north wall was a different challenge. i could slide the boards in the eaves from outside, avoiding the roof truss brackets. but to do so, i had to slice the bottom off the 2x4's. this worked because the angle of the roof to the wall gets smaller as you push in. this didnt work on the south wall because the angle got larger as you pushed in, and the boards were just loose instead of fitted.

north wall, east corner.
 photo 0d786fd4-922e-4382-84a4-60ab7fefbbd2_zps0b4031b3.jpg

north wall, west corner
 photo 9515553a-10d9-4a8e-9691-cb18aef85163_zps3b8c7cd4.jpg

north wall, from outside
 photo b6f376e3-88ab-4687-b1c0-c4a698c2d523_zps8e16efb9.jpg

close up of the north wall, east corner, outside view
 photo 410351d2-6772-4d85-ae53-38a0758f768b_zps22207e76.jpg

bottom sliced off the 2x4. you can tell because its fresh wood, not the dried/aged wood you can see in all the other pictures.
 photo f21512ac-9689-47e5-b99c-98fa5906b4db_zps60e2c03d.jpg

 photo 3042b506-c08d-4420-97bc-b60340a41f76_zps0b19f62d.jpg

11-6-13 050 photo 38518425-258e-4ecc-9e1f-e6bfbad59f76_zpsa3eb3b8d.jpg

the greenhouse is now closed up fairly well for winter. no fear of bats or birds getting in and making a home.

in spring i'll pop the eave pieces out and paint them. then caulk them back in place to seal out bugs.