Monday, September 12, 2016

basement floor drain replacement

the floor drain in my basement was a nasty rusted piece of crap. flaking off, the clean out was rusted shut so it couldnt be snaked. and it was backing up worse and worse despite anything i poured down it.
.10-5-16 002

they jackhammered the concrete basement floor away and sawed off the old ancient metal drain
.10-5-16 003

i think thats cast iron
.10-5-16 004

.10-5-16 004-2

gaping hole
.10-5-16 005

.10-5-16 006

new plastic/pvc drain that wont rust, and wet concrete
.10-5-16 010

the next day it was dry, and then i had a different company come out and snake the drain. it was as i suspected, mostly lint from the laundry sink, and hair/dog fur. no tree roots or anything worrying. so two separate plumbers later (and the involvement of the BBB to knock off padded billing on the first plumbers part), the drain is new and clean and draining perfectly.
.10-5-16 026

puppy does not appreciate being denied access to repairmen. he thinks he should be able to love on everyone. and his idea of love is enthusiastic greetings where he jumps up and nails the men in the nuts. understandably most people dont appreciate that. so puppy gets kept away from repair people and delivery people. (he also likes to squeeze out open doors and go for a wild neighborhood run)
.10-5-16 008

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