Tuesday, September 13, 2016

mollys last day

these are the last pictures i have of molly, taken on her last day.

she laid in her crate and was done. refused to eat or drink or move.
.10-5-16 012

puppy went into his crate and laid down too
.10-5-16 015

i tried to make a paw print using the only ink pad i had, a purple one. it didnt work. but she ended up with a purple paw.
.10-5-16 016

i had to carry her to the car. i sat in back with her. my mom drove and the neighbor came along too. molly sat up for about a block.
.10-5-16 017

then leaned back against the seat and i helped hold her steady.
.10-5-16 018

i carried her in and laid her down on a blanket at first
.10-5-16 019

then carried her to the table.
.10-5-16 020

you can see how skinny she was getting at shoulders and hips, and how much her liver pushed up her rib cage.
.10-5-16 022

she just laid there
.10-5-16 020-2

they took one last picture of me and her, but my face was all red and swollen from crying so i blocked it out.
.10-5-16 021-2

then we said goodbye.

the vet made a pawprint for me, which i'm extra grateful for since i had tried and failed.
.10-5-16 023

and its extra special because of the purple. (all the hairs brushed off after it was baked/hardened)
.10-5-16 024

i will be making a shadow box in her memory, with the pawprint and her collar. and i have a photo album and pictures of her i want to put together too.

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