Friday, September 30, 2016

puppys DNA results

i earned enough points online to get a free doggy DNA test. i meant to use it on molly but it arrived too late. so puppy got tested.

turns out puppy is NOT a flat coated retriever. (they do test for that breed).

instead he is a big ole mutt! predominantly a golden retriever and chow chow mix.

of 8 great grandparents, 3 were golden retriever, 2 were chow chow, 1 was labrador retriever, 1 was white swiss shepherd, and 1 was american staffordshire terrier.

puppy breed

here's a picture of puppys body and curled up tail.
 photo 3-16-07020.jpg

 photo 4-9-07056.jpg

his face and fluffy neck
.2-6-16 036

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